Table 1, Chapter 36Overview of the purposes of different methods for detecting patient safety problems

MethodAdverse Event Counting (Frequency Assessment)Adverse Event Understanding (Root Cause Analysis) Latent Causes/Contributory Factors
HarmActive Errors
Review of medical recordsXX?
Studies based on interviews with health-care providersXXX
Direct observationXXX
Use of incident reporting systems??X
External audit and confidential inquiriesNRNRX
Studies of claims and complaintsNRNRX
Use of information technology and electronic medical recordsXNRNR
Analysis of administrative dataXNRNR
Analysis of autopsy reportsXNRNR
Analysis of mortality and morbidity dataXNRX

Source: Michel P. 2003.14 Used with permission.

X Method is relevant for the purpose

? Relevance of the method for the purpose is to be confirmed

NR not relevant

From: Chapter 36, Monitoring Patient Safety Problems (NEW)

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