Figure 1 is a diagram illustrating the overview of the project from topic refinement to the review and interpretation of the evidence. The figure begins with the topic refinement, for which an initial list of potential PSPs was created from the following sources: Making Health Care Safer 2001 report, the Joint Commission, the National Quality Forum's 2010 Update, and miscellaneous sources such as the Leapfrog group; practices identified in an initial scoping search; and those suggested by our Technical Expert Panel (TEP). This effort resulted in an initial list of 158 potential PSPs, which are outlined in Appendix A. The project team then reviewed this list, combining some topics and renaming others, which resulted in 97 PSPs. The internal project team then divided that list into 35 “includes,” 49 “unsures,” and 13 “excludes.” The next step was to solicit TEP input about the teams' decisions, in particular to obtain formal votes on the PSPs that were classified as “unsure” (to accommodate all TEP members, two meetings were held: one on March 24, 2011 and a second on March 31, 2011). This effort resulted in 48 PSPs judged to be of highest priority in terms of the need for an evidence review of effectiveness, implementation, or adoption. Given that an evidence review of this number of topics could not be conducted within the time frame of the project, the project leads consulted the TEP on April 8, 2011 for an assessment of the topics that most merited in-depth reviews. Based on this input, the research team divided the included topics into those that would receive in-depth reviews and those that would receive brief reviews. The topics were then distributed among the four collaborating EPCs: ECRI, Johns Hopkins, RAND, and UCSF/Stanford. The resulting literature reviews were combined to form the draft report. The final step of the process was a face-to-face meeting at the AHRQ office from January 10-11th 2012 to review and interpret the evidence.

Figure 1, Chapter 2Overview of the project

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