Figure 2 depicts a map of the US (with other nations represented by text boxes), showing the distribution within and outside of the US of sites that reported clinically useful data (a total of 258 sites in all). Results are as follows: 54 sites participated from the West Coast of the US (including Hawaii and Alaska); 77 in the Midwest; 65 in the Northeast; 57 in the Southern US; 5 in Canada; 1 in the United Arab Emirates; and 1 in Lebanon;. The image is taken, with permission, from the July 2011 semi-annual NSQIP report.

Figure 2, Chapter 14Geographic distribution of American College of Surgeons national surgical quality improvement program participating sites

Figure 2 provided from ACS NSQIP Web site, from July 2011 semi-annual NSQIP report, accessed December, 2011 Reprinted by permission from the American College of Surgeons NSQIP.

From: Chapter 14, Use of Report Cards and Outcome Measurements To Improve Safety of Surgical Care: American College of Surgeons National Quality Improvement Program (NEW)

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