Figure 2 is a table that summarizes the major findings of 14 studies of catheter use and CAUTI events as reported in the 2010 meta-analysis by Meddings and colleagues published in Clinical Infectious Diseases. The table consists of 5 columns. The left-most column lists the first author and year of the studies included in the review. The 2nd and 3rd columns from the left list CAUTI outcomes: column 2 lists “episodes per 1000 catheter days,” and the adjacent column lists “the percentage of patients who developed CAUTI.” The 4th and 5th columns describe Urinary Catheter Use Outcomes: the 4th column lists “mean days of urinary catheter use per patient” and the 5th column lists the “percent of patient days with a catheter in place.”

Figure 2, Chapter 9Summary of CAUTI and urinary catheter outcomes from 14 studies

Note: Summary comes from the 14 studies20,25,28-30,33,36-41,43,45 included in the 2010 meta-analysis.19

* Difference of p<0.05 reported between intervention and comparison group.

From: Chapter 9, Reducing Unnecessary Urinary Catheter Use and Other Strategies To Prevent Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections: Brief Update Review

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