K.11.1Clinical studies excluded

StudyRationale for exclusion
Amark P, Beck O. Effect of phenylpropanolamine on incontinence in children with neurogenic bladders. A double-blind crossover study. Acta Paediatrica. 1992; 81(4):345–350. Ref ID: AMARK1992Drug not in BNF
Bennett JK, Foote J, El-Leithy TR et al. Terazosin for vesicosphincter dyssynergia in spinal cord-injured male patients. Molecular Urology. 2000; 4(4):415–420. Ref ID: BENNETT2000Observational study
Delauche-Cavallier MC, Richard JM, Buzelin M et al. Alpha-blocker therapy with alfuzosin in neurogenic bladder disease. Neurourology & Urodynamics. 1993; 12(4):343–344. Ref ID: DELAUCHECAVALLIER1993Abstract
Delauche-Cavallier MC, Costa P, Robain R et al. Efficacy and tolerability of 3 doses of intravenous alfuzosin in neurogenic bladder disease. Neurourology & Urodynamics. 1993; 12(4):344–345. Ref ID: DELAUCHECAVALLIER1993AAbstract
Hachen HJ. Clinical and urodynamic assessment of alpha-adrenolytic therapy in patients with neurogenic bladder function. Paraplegia. 1980; 18(4):229–240. Ref ID: HACHEN1980Observational study
Husmann DA. Use of sympathetic alpha antagonists in the management of pediatric urologic disorders. [Review] [49 refs]. Current Opinion in Urology. 2006; 16(4):277–282. Ref ID: HUSMANN2006Review
Kakizaki H, Ameda K, Kobayashi S et al. Urodynamic effects of alpha1-blocker tamsulosin on voiding dysfunction in patients with neurogenic bladder. International Journal of Urology. 2003; 10(11):576–581. Ref ID: KAKIZAKI2003Observational study
Sakakibara R, Hattori T, Uchiyama T et al. Are alpha-blockers involved in lower urinary tract dysfunction in multiple system atrophy? A comparison of prazosin and moxisylyte. Journal of the Autonomic Nervous System. 2000; 79(2–3):191–195. Ref ID: SAKAKIBARA2000Wrong drug comparison
Swierzewski SJ, III, Gormley EA, Belville WD et al. The effect of terazosin on bladder function in the spinal cord injured patient. Journal of Urology. 1994; 151(4):951–954. Ref ID: SWIERZEWSKI1994Observational study
Vaidyanathan S.Rao. Possible use of indoramin in patients with chronic neurogenic bladder dysfunction. Journal of Urology 129 (1):96–101, 1983.Observational study
Yamanishi T, Yasuda K, Homma Y et al. A multicenter placebo-controlled, double- blind trial of urapidil, an alpha-blocker, on neurogenic bladder dysfunction. European Urology. 1999; 35(1):45–51. Ref ID: YAMANISHI1999Drug not in BNF
Yasuda K, Yamanishi T, Kawabe K et al. The effect of urapidil on neurogenic bladder: a placebo controlled double-blind study. Journal of Urology. 1996; 156(3):1125–1130. Ref ID: YASUDA1996Drug not in BNF

From: Appendix K, Excluded studies

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