Table 4.2Women's views and experiences of care following one counselling session compared with no counselling session

Women's views/experiences of care
Nikcevic et al., 2007

[Moderate quality]
Helpfulness of 20-minute medical visit with obstetrician 5 weeks post-miscarriage (received by women in both intervention and control groups): 100% of women reported a moderate to strong agreement regarding helpfulness of the medical consultation.

In a cohort of matched controls who received no medical consultation and no psychological counselling, 30/47 (64%) women expressed that some follow-up would have been helpful.

Helpfulness of 50-minute psychological counselling session 5 weeks post miscarriage: 94% of women agreed the psychological counselling was at least moderately helpful.
Séjourné et al., 2010

[Moderate quality]
Helpfulness of one psychological counselling session: at 3 weeks post-miscarriage 43/50 (86%) women felt that the intervention was helpful.

Need for more support: at 10 weeks post-miscarriage 9/45 (20%) women felt that the psychological counselling was insufficient and felt the need for more support.
Lee et al. 1996

[Moderate quality]
Helpfulness of 1 hour psychological counselling session: women were asked to rate the helpfulness of the counselling session on a 100 mm scale from ‘extremely unhelpful’ (0) to ‘extremely helpful’ (100): mean = 74 mm, SD = 21.1, n = 21

Positive comments on psychological counselling session: having opportunity to express feelings and thoughts; having someone to talk to who listened to them.

Negative comments on psychological counselling session: having to relive experience; limited medical knowledge of person carrying out the debriefing.

Medical explanation: women commented that they would have liked a more medical explanation for their miscarriage, as well as emotional support.

SD standard deviation

From: 4, Emotional support and information giving

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