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1((first or “1st”) adj2 trimester$).ti,ab.
2(early adj3 (pregnan$ or gestat$ or placental phase$)).ti,ab.
4((pregnan$ or embryo$ or f?etal or f?etus$) adj3 (loss$ or demise or death$ or resorp$ or disintegrat$ or wast$ or reject$ or fail$ or viab?l$ or non?viab?l$)).ti,ab.
5(anembryo$ or empty sac$).ti,ab.
6(blight$ adj2 (ova or ovum)).ti,ab.
7((ectopic or extra uterine or extra?uterine or tub$ or ampullary or isthm$ or fimbrial or cornual or interstitial or abdom$ or ovar$ or cervi$) adj3 (pregnan$ or gestat$)).ti,ab.
9((terminat$ or interrupt$) adj2 (pregnan$ or gestat$)).ti,ab.
11((rhesus or rh or RhD or rho$ or rh0$) adj5 (blood or incompatib$ or antagon$ or negativ$ or iso?immun$ or allo?immun$ or sensi$ or disease? or immun$ or auto?immun$)).ti,ab.
12(anti D or anti?D or anti rh or anti?rh).ti,ab.
13((rhesus or rh or RhD or D or rho$ or rh0$) adj3 (antigen$ or iso?antigen$ or allo?antigen$ or factor? or antibod$ or iso?antibod$ or allo?antibod$ or immun$ or prophyla$ or globulin$)).ti,ab.
14(rhophylac or rhogam or gamulin or micrhogam or partobulin or winrho or d gam or d?gam).ti,ab.
15((erythroblastos$ or h?emolytic) adj5 (f?etal$ or f?etus$ or newborn? or neo nat$ or neo?nat$)).ti,ab.
16(HDF or HDFN or HDN).ti,ab.

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