Author, YearRandom Sequence GenerationAllocation ConcealmentSelective ReportingBlinding (patients and personnel)Blinding (outcome assessment)Incomplete Outcome DataOther BiasQuality Score
Abu Hashim et al., 20121+++--++Fair
Andersch et al., 19882?????++Poor
Bonnar and Sheppard, 19963+??--++Poor
Cai and Wu, 20094+++??++Fair
Cameron et al., 19875???--??Poor
Cameron et al., 19906??+??++Poor
Davis et al., 20007+++++++Good
Elkind-Hirsch et al., 20088+?+---+Poor
Endrikat et al., 20099+-+-?+-Poor
Fleming et al., 200210+++++-+Fair
Fraser and McCarron, 199111??+---+Poor
Fraser et al., 198112; 198413??+++++Fair
Fraser et al., 201114++?++++Good
Freeman et al., 201115??++?++Fair
Grover et al., 199016??????-Poor
Hall et al., 198717+++++-+Fair
Irvine et al., 199818++??-++Fair
Jedel et al., 201119+++-?-+Poor
Jensen et al., 201120++?++++Good
Karakus et al., 200921+-?-?-?Poor
Kaunitz et al., 201022+++-?++Fair
Kennedy et al., 200223+++---+Poor
Kriplani et al., 200624+??---+Poor
Kucuk and Ertan, 200825--???++Poor
Lahteenmaki et al., 199826++??-++Poor
Lukes et al., 201027+++++++Good
Moghetti et al., 200028???++?+Poor
Najam et al., 201029+??--++Poor
Oner and Muderris, 201130??+??-?Poor
Ornstein et al., 201131??+-?--Poor
Paoletti et al., 199632+?+++++Good
Preston et al., 199533++?++-+Fair
Protheroe et al., 200734++?--+?Poor
Reid and Vitaren-Kari, 200535++?--++Poor
Shabaan etal., 201136+-+-?+-Poor
Tsang et al., 198737??+++-+Poor
van Eijkeren et al., 199238+++++-+Fair
Vargyas et al., 198739+++++++Good
Vuorma et al., 200440, 41+++--++Poor

Notes: Low risk of bias: +; High risk of bias: -; Unclear risk of bias: ?

From: Appendix I, Risk of Bias and Quality Score for Individual Studies

Cover of Primary Care Management of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
Primary Care Management of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding [Internet].
Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 96.
Hartmann KE, Jerome RN, Lindegren ML, et al.

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