Table A2Ongoing research on SMBP identified through

NCT IDTitleRecruitmentInterventionsEnrollment
NCT00781365Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring and Case Management to Control HypertensionRecruitingOther: Telemonitors and pharmacy management450
NCT01145742Controlling Hypertension in Diabetes- Feasibility StudyCompletedBehavioral: home health/primary care collaboration56
NCT01300338Blood Pressure Telemonitoring and Goal Blood Pressure in DiabetesNot yet recruitingDevice: blood pressure with telemetry50
Device: Home blood pressure monitor without telemetry
NCT01035554Behavioral Study to Control Blood PressureRecruitingOther: Self-Paced Programmed Instruction (SPPI)250
Device: Home Blood Pressure Monitor
Other: Usual Care
Other: Printed Materials
NCT00662753A Study in the Use of Home Blood Pressure Monitoring and Telephone Follow-up to Control Blood PressureRecruitingDevice: Home blood pressure monitor150
Other: monitor and phone call
NCT00334724Home Blood Pressure-guided Antihypertensive Intervention for Elderly (HBP-GUIDE) StudyCompletedProcedure: Home blood pressure measurement200
Procedure: Office blood pressure measurement
NCT01123577Evaluation of Integrating Self Blood Pressure Monitoring Into Urban Primary Care PracticesEnrolling by invitationOther: Home Blood Pressure Monitor Group996
Other: Control Group
NCT00123058Comparison of Two Programs to Improve Blood Pressure Treatment AdherenceActive, not recruitingBehavioral: Health Education Program636
Device: BP Monitor
NCT00514800Home Blood Pressure Monitoring TrialRecruitingBehavioral: Intervention - a validated home BP monitor and support from the specialist nurse360
Behavioral: Control - usual care (BP monitoring by their practice)
NCT00211666Improving Hypertension Control in East and Central HarlemCompletedBehavioral: Nurse management, home blood pressure monitors, and a chronic disease self management course.480
NCT00968786Home Monitoring in the Management of Hypertension and Diabetes MellitusEnrolling by invitationDevice: Home monitoring100
NCT00299468The Effect of the Patient Activation Measure on Chronic CareCompletedBehavioral: Patient Activation Measure Intervention Package283
NCT01155050Louisiana State University Health Care Services Division (LSUHSCD) Tele-Health Projects: Weight Loss in Chronic Disease Patient PopulationCompletedDevice: Tele-health Home Monitoring240
Behavioral: TrestleTree Telephone Coaching
Device: Tele-health Home Monitoring Plus Trestle Telephone Coaching
NCT01282957Way to Health, Healthy MeasuresEnrolling by invitationBehavioral: Financial Incentive Group I60
Behavioral: Financial Incentive Group II
NCT01233193The Effect of Pharmacist Intervention on Blood Pressure ControlActive, not recruitingBehavioral: Health education, Home blood pressure monitoring140
NCT00802152Using Health Information Technology (HIT) to Improve Ambulatory Chronic Disease Care: Smart Device SubstudyCompletedDevice: In-home "smart" diagnostic devices108
NCT01167920Virtual Hypertension ClinicActive, not recruitingOther: Virtual Hypertension Clinic74
NCT00233220Blood Pressure Control in African AmericansRecruitingBehavioral: Multicomponent, multi-level intervention targeted at physicians and patients990
Behavioral: Usual Care
NCT00224861Hypertension Telemanagement in African AmericansCompletedBehavioral: Self-Managementnd
Behavioral: Adherence
NCT01013857Treating to Target for Patients With HypertensionActive, not recruitingBehavioral: Health coaching240
Behavioral: Health coaching plus home titration
NCT01335984Effects of Telemonitoring and Telemedicine Service for Hypertensive Care (Smart-HTN)RecruitingProcedure: Telemonitoring|Procedure: Telemonitoring & Telemedicine|Other: Usual Care564
NCT01439256Telehealth & Remote Measurement Technologies to Improve Medication Adherence in HypertensionNot yet recruitingDevice: Electronic pill tray direct reporting to physician (Telephone-Linked Care: Hypertension 2- Electronic Pill Tray)
Behavioral: Patient self reporting of medication adherence
NCT01504022Web Based Interactive Treatment and Self-monitoring in Hypertension (WISH)RecruitingOther: Telecare, selfmonitoring, lifestyl behaviour300
NCT01416766CONtrolling Disease Using Inexpensive IT - Hypertension in Diabetes (CONDUIT-HID)RecruitingOther: CONDUIT self-monitoring-nurse-primary care provider (PCP) feedback loop400
NCT01510301Mobile Phone in Hypertension ManagementNot yet recruitingDevice: Mobile phone-based self-report system, electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes Measure (e-PROM)50
NCT01387945Pilot Study of Home Blood Pressure Control Program (eBPcontrol)RecruitingBehavioral: HBPM+website+patient navigator30
NCT01402453Monetary Incentives and Intrinsic Motivation to Sustain Hypertension ControlNot yet recruitingBehavioral: Monetary Incentives|Behavioral: Intrinsic Motivation262
NCT01484782Developing Accessible Telehealth Programs for Hypertensive Patients in Latin AmericaActive, not recruitingBehavioral: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) automated calls200
NCT01390272Titrated Disease Management for Patients With Hypertension (TDM)Not yet recruitingBehavioral: Booster/ low resource
Behavioral: Booster/ low resource Behavioral: Medium/Level 1 resource intensity
Behavioral: High/Level 2 resource intensity
NCT01425515Improving Care for Patients With High Blood PressureNot yet recruitingBehavioral: Complex quality improvement intervention600

Abbreviations: BP=blood pressure; CBP=clinic blood pressure; HBP=home blood pressure; HBPM=home blood pressure monitoring; nd=no data.

We used the terms [blood pressure OR hypertension] as a “condition” search string combined with the following search terms for interventions [(home OR ambulatory OR self) AND (monitor* OR telemonitoring OR measure* OR manage*)]

From: Appendix A, Effective Health Care Program Selection Criteria Literature Search Strategy Yield of Ongoing Studies

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