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Table 3Number of stays, stays per 10,000 population, and percentage change in rate of the most frequent all-listed procedures for hospital stays by age, 1997 and 2010

Age group and all-listed CCS proceduresNumber of stays in thousandsStays per 10,000 populationPercentage change in rate
All ages, total stays34,68139,0081,2721,2611%
 < 1 year, total stays4,4364,52111,82511,4383%
  Prophylactic vaccinations and inoculations5491,4721,4643,725155%
  Respiratory intubation and mechanical ventilation16420043650716%
  Enteral and parenteral nutrition39138104350235%
  Diagnostic spinal tap14791392229−41%
 1–17 years, total stays1,8211,7542712508%
  Blood transfusion2667410144%
  Cancer chemotherapy43526715%
  Repair of current obstetric laceration584897−21%
  Respiratory intubation and mechanical ventilation30454642%
 18–44 years, total stays9,4449,7068508591%
  Cesarean section7731,2497011159%
  Repair of current obstetric laceration1,0791,2429711013%
  Artificial rupture of membranes to assist delivery80888673788%
  Fetal monitoring9528458675−13%
  Blood transfusion1473461331133%
 45–64 years, total stays6,4969,7551,1541,1933%
  Blood transfusion2477974497122%
  Diagnostic cardiac catheterization; coronary arteriography57856410369−33%
  Respiratory intubation and mechanical ventilation186488336080%
  Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy; biopsy27540049490%
 65–84 years, total stays10,12110,1693,3192,91312%
  Blood transfusion5141,181169338101%
  Respiratory intubation and mechanical ventilation36657312016437%
  Diagnostic cardiac catheterization; coronary arteriography738563242161−33%
  Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy; biopsy530462174132−24%
  Arthroplasty knee2013826610966%
 85+ years, total stays2,3623,1036,0495,6087%
  Blood transfusion13837335367591%
  Respiratory intubation and mechanical ventilation6513316824044%
  Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy; biopsy122129313233−26%
  Diagnostic ultrasound of heart (echocardiogram)6590165162−2%
  Treatment; fracture or dislocation of hip and femur8787222157−29%

CCS: Clinical Classifications Software

Source: AHRQ, Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets, Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, Nationwide Inpatient Sample, 1997 and 2010

From: Most Frequent Procedures Performed in U.S. Hospitals, 2010

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