GDG memberInterest declaredType of interestDecisions taken
Hellen AdomNone
Michelle AfifNone
Kofi AnieResearch grant from Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK to North West London Hospitals NHS Trust as sponsor for the employment of research staff. This is unrelated to the matter under consideration.Non-personal pecuniary – non- specific.Declare and can participate in discussions on all topics.
Brigitta BrandnerNone
Jo HowardNone
Russell KeenanNone
Alexander McKnightActing as consultant to legal team preparing patent defence (on behalf on a commercial drug house) of opioid analgesic formulation, and recently as expert witness in court cases – patents expire during 2012/2013.Stay for presentation and the discussion of the evidence, but to leave the room prior to any decisions and recommendations made.
Asa’ah NkohkwoMember of the expert working group working on a Department of Health-sponsored project under the British Committee for Standards in Haematology (British Society for Haematology) which has recently (October 2011) resumed on the production/revision of ‘Guidelines for the management of sickle-cell pain’.Personal non- pecuniary.Declare and can participate in discussions on all topics.
Kate RyanNone
Louise SmithNone
Sekayi TangayiNone

From: Appendix A, Contributors and declarations of interests

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Sickle Cell Acute Painful Episode: Management of an Acute Painful Sickle Cell Episode in Hospital.
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