Table 73.1A Taxonomy of Changes in Skill Mix in Health Care

Changing roles
EnhancementIncreasing the depth of a job by extending the role or skills of a particular group of workers
SubstitutionExpanding the breadth of a job, in particular by working across professional divides or exchanging one type of worker for another
DelegationMoving a task down a traditional unidisciplinary ladder
InnovationCreating new jobs by introducing a new type of worker
Changing the interface between services
TransferMoving the provision of a service from one health care setting to another (for example, substituting community for hospital care)
RelocationShifting the venue from which a service is provided from one health care sector to another without changing the people who provide it (for example, running a hospital clinic in a primary care facility)
LiaisonUsing specialists in one health care sector to educate and support staff members working in another (for example, hospital outreach facilitators in primary care)

From: Chapter 73, Strategic Management of Clinical Services

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