Table 6.2Selected Initiatives of the TDR

Disease Product Partner Status
Uncomplicated malariaLapdapGlaxoSmithKlineDossier submitted (2002)
Lapdap, artesunateGlaxoSmithKlinePhase 1
Pyronaridine, artesunateShin PoongPreclinical trials
Severe malariaIntramuscular artemetherArtecefRegistered (2000)
Rectal artesunateUnder discussionFDA approval letter received
Visceral leishmaniasisMiltefosineZentarisRegistered (2002)
ParomomycinInstitute for One World HealthPhase 3 studies
Sleeping sicknessIntravenous eflornithineAventisRegistered (2001)
River blindnessIvermectinMerckRegistered (1989)

Source: Ridley 2003.

From: Chapter 6, Product Development Priorities

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