Table 1Dental-related conditions in the emergency department, U.S., 2009

ED visits related to dental conditionsAll other ED visits
Total ED visitsTreat-and-release ED visitsHospital admissions from the ED
Number of ED visits936,482923,72012,762127,795,823
Rate per 100,000 population
ED visits3053014.241,706
Patient sex
Age group
 85 years and older33293.979,118
Patient residence
 Large metropolitan areas–at least one million residents2172133.937,447
 Small metropolitan areas–less than one million residents3693654.743,541
 Not metropolitan or micropolitan (rural)4804764.355,901
Community income level
Ratio of patients to dentists
 <1500 (desirable)2162124.2NA
 3000–4000 (poor)4474433.6NA
 >4000/1 (HPSA)*3823793.1NA

Source: AHRQ, Center for Delivery, Organization and Markets, Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, Nationwide Emergency Department Sample, 2009


HPSA = Health Provider Shortage Area

Due to rounding, total ED visits may not equal the sum of treat-and-release visits plus hospital admissions from the ED.

From: Emergency Department Visits for Dental-Related Conditions, 2009

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