Table K.5.15Evidence profile for elastomere arm splint compared with no orthosis in children with quadriplegia and hemiplegia; functioning assessment

Quality assessmentSummary of findings
No. of patientsEffectQuality
No. of studiesDesignLimitationsInconsistencyIndirectnessImprecisionOther considerationsElastomere arm splintNo orthosisRelative (95% CI)Absolute (95% CI)
GAS-T score (mean change score) (Better indicated by higher values)
1 study (Elliott 2011)randomised studyno serious limitationsno serious inconsistencyno serious indirectnessno serious imprecisionnone8182-MD = 18 (12.15 higher to 23.85 higher)*3High

CI confidence interval, MD mean difference


Calculated by the NCC-WCH


Mean change score ± standard deviation (SD) reported as 53 ± 5.0


Mean final score ± SD reported as 35 ± 6.8


The authors note that a change score from baseline within a treatment group ≥50 represented the expected change in goal attainment over the 3 month period.

From: Appendix K, GRADE tables

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