TABLE 2Arkansas' Nine Strategic Focus Areas

Strategic Focus AreaBreadth of Competencies and InstitutionsOpportunity for External Research FundingMarket PotentialExisting or Emerging Industry Connections
Enterprise Systems ComputingEmergingModerateExtensive (immediate)Extensive
Distributed Energy Network SystemsEmergingLimitedExtensive (near term)Extensive
Optics and PhotonicsEmergingLimitedModerate (immediate)Limited
Nano-Related Materials and ApplicationsEstablishedSignificantExtensive (long term)Moderate
Sustainable Agriculture and Bioenergy ManagementEstablishedLimitedModerate (near term)Moderate
Food Processing and SafetyEstablishedModerateModerate (immediate)Extensive
Personalized Health Research SciencesEmergingModerateExtensive (longer term)Limited—addresses major public health issues
Behavioral Research for Chronic Disease ManagementEmergingSignificantLimited (immediate)Limited — Addresses major public health issues
Obesity and NutritionEmergingSignificantExtensiveLimited – addresses major public health issues

SOURCE: Battelle 2007.

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