Table E-9Quality ratings for cohort studies included in Key Question 1b

Selection (0–4 stars)Comparability (n/a, 0–2 stars)Outcome (0–3 stars)
CitationQuality ratingRepresentativeness of exposed cohortSelection of non exposedAscertainment of exposureOutcome not present at start of studyComparability of cohortsAssessmentLong enough followupAdequacy of follow up
Davenport et al., 199539Poorb)somewhat representativea)drawn from same communitya)secure recorda) yesc) nob)record linkagea) yesa)complete followup
Merksz et al., 199240Fairb)somewhat representativea)drawn from same communitya)secure recordb) nob) otherb)record linkagea) yesa)complete followup

From: Appendix E, Quality of the Literature

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