Appendix 12Search strategy

  1. ethnic minorit*
  2. (BME or black ethnic minorit* or black minorit* ethnic*)
  3. asylum seeker*
  4. (migrant* or immigrant*)
  5. mixed race*
  6. cultur*
  7. (multicultural or multi-cultural)
  8. (cross-cultural or crosscultural)
  9. (trans-cultural or transcultural)
  10. (multi-rac* or multirac*)
  11. (multiethnic or multi-ethnic)
  12. refugee*
  13. (multi-lingu* or multilingu*)
  14. (ethno-cultur* or ethnocultur*)
  15. (socio-cultural or sociocultural)
  16. (divers* or diverse population* or cultural diversity)
  17. (south asian* or bangladeshi* or pakistani* or indian* or sri lankan*)
  18. (asian* or east asian* or chinese or taiwanese or vietnamese or korean* or japanese)
  19. (afro-caribbean* or african-caribbean* or caribbean or african* or black* or afro*)
  20. (islam* or hindu* or Sikh* or buddhis* or muslim* or moslem* or christian* or catholic*
  21. or jew*)
  22. exp Ethnic Groups/or ethnic group*
  23. ((ethnic or linguistic) adj diversity)
  24. (transient adj (group* or population*))
  25. acculturation
  26. (faith* or belief* or religion*)
  27. or/1–26
  28. (health promotion or health promotion intervention* or promot* health)
  29. ((intervention* adj5 health) or (health adj5 intervention*) or interven*)
  30. Health or exp Health Education/
  31. prevention
  32. public or exp Public Health/
  33. community intervention*
  34. ((community-level or community level) adj5 intervention*)
  35. (health* adj (behaviour or behavior))
  36. or/28–35
  37. ((physical adj5 activit*) or exercise*)
  38. ((weight adj5 (management or control)) or weight)
  39. (diet* or diet* modification or diet* change* or nutrition* or food*)
  40. (smoking or smoking cessation or stop smoking or smoking reduction)
  41. exp Life Style/
  42. lifestyle*
  43. (fruit* or vegetable*)
  44. (activit* or inactivit*)
  45. (food habit* or healthy eat*)
  46. exp Obesity/
  47. (obes* or overweight)
  48. or/37–47
  49. (adapt* or modif* or sensitiv* or target* or chang* or alter*)
  50. 27 and 36 and 48
  51. limit 50 to (English language and humans)
  52. 51 and 49