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TABLE 8Generic statements on ethnicity from UK guidelines (encompassing the evidence from the international systematic reviews)

Generic statementsThemes
Importance of ethnicity in health
Awareness of differential risks for/rates of disease and unique health risks
Awareness of differing health beliefs, values and attitudes
1. Acknowledging diversity
Gap in/lack of evidence on the effectiveness of interventions according to ethnicity/comparing different ethnic groups
Gap in/lack of evidence on cost-effectiveness of interventions for ethnic minority populations
2. Identifying evidence gaps
Awareness of varying effectiveness for recommendations and interventions according to ethnicity
Some interventions and materials reach ethnic minority populations and demonstrate some effect or interventions no clear evidence of effect
Tools to assess risk should consider risk in terms of ethnicity
3. Observing differential effects of
Awareness of a need to adapt interventions and services for ethnic minority groups and that adaptated interventions may be effective for behaviour change
Ensure interventions are appropriately adapted for psychological, social, cultural and economic determinants
Examine how gender, age and SES intersect with ethnicity
Ensure that interventions are appropriately adapted by working with communities and families
Address inequalities and avoid discrimination and stereotyping
4. Taking action to adapt interventions
Recommend better representation of ethnic minority populations in research, and more research, because of increasing ethnic minority populations
Recommend more syntheses of existing data and trends involving ethnic minority populations
Recommend better data collection and reporting of ‘differences in access, recruitment and uptake according to ethnicity’
5. Improving research design, analysis and reporting

From: 5, Consideration of ethnicity in guidelines and systematic reviews

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