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(migrain* or headach* or cephalgi* or cephalalgi*) AND ( IM or intramuscular* or IV or intravenous* or SC or subcutan* or parenteral or inject*) AND (emergenc* or ED* or ER* or clinic or centre or center)
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AMICUS No. 38061086
Richer, Lawrence. Practice variation in the treatment of children with migraine in the emergency department [microform] -- Ottawa : Library and Archives Canada = Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, 2010.
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Query: migraine emergency
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  1. Chiros, Christine E
    [ Thesis : 2007]
    Keywords: acceptance; coping; migraine
  2. Van der Schueren, Bart
    [ Thesis : 2009]
  3. Pfüller, Ute
    [ Thesis : 2004]
    Languages: German
    Keywords: p300; oddball paradigma; ereigniskorreliertes potenzial
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Cover of Acute Migraine Treatment in Emergency Settings
Acute Migraine Treatment in Emergency Settings [Internet].
Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 84.
Sumamo Schellenberg E, Dryden DM, Pasichnyk D, et al.

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