Figure 50 is a metagraph comparing rates of induction of labor between women treated for GDM vs. those left untreated. Two RCTs contributed data from 1,931 participants. Pooled results showed no significant difference between groups (RR 1.16, 95% CI, 0.91, 1.49; I²=69%). One cohort study contributed data from 1,665 patients and showed a significant difference favoring the treated group (RR 0.63, 95% CI, 0.55, 0.72).

Figure 50Effect of treatment on outcomes of women with GDM: induction of labor

CI = confidence interval; GDM = gestational diabetes mellitus; RCT = randomized controlled trial; M-H = Mantel-Haenszel

From: Results

Cover of Screening and Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Screening and Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 210.
Hartling L, Dryden DM, Guthrie A, et al.

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