TABLE 2-3Coefficients of Equations Predicting the Log Odds of Dying in a 5-Year Period: Females Aged 45 to 89, 1979-1985, National Longitudinal Mortality Surveya

CharacteristicModel 1Model 1aModel 2Model 3b
Age0.0921 (0.001)0.0922 (0.001)0.0941 (0.001)0.0862 (0.001)
Black0.3402 (0.041)0.3403 (0.041)1.6733 (0.251)0.1806 (0.043)
Asian/Pacific Islander-0.5081 (0.144)-0.5014 (0.144)−0.5480 (0.146)
Asian/Pacific Islander Native born-0.3309 (0.228)
Asian/Pacific Islander Foreign born-0.6754 (0.219)
Asian/Pacific Islander Birthplace unknown-0.4559 (0.356)
Hispanic-0.2495 (0.080)-0.2431 (0.080)-0.3970 (0.081)
Hispanic Native born-0.0174 (0.125)
Hispanic Foreign born-0.4128 (0.138)
Hispanic Birthplace unknown-0.3225 (0.196)
Age-race/ethnicity interactions
Age/black-0.0197 (0.004)
Constant-8.5145 (0.081)-8.5187 (0.081)-8.6590 (0.086)-8.3985 (0.094)
Log likelihood-25,790.9-25,787.8-25,776.7-25,673.7
Sample size104,372104,372104,372104,372

White is used as the reference category; standard errors are in parentheses.


Model 3 includes controls for education, income, current residence, and marital status.


White, black, and Asian/Pacific Islander categories exclude all Hispanics. Hispanics can be of any race.

From: 2, Racial and Ethnic Differences in Mortality at Older Ages

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