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Thangaratinam S, Rogozińska E, Jolly K, et al. Interventions to Reduce or Prevent Obesity in Pregnant Women: A Systematic Review. Southampton (UK): NIHR Journals Library; 2012 Jul. (Health Technology Assessment, No. 16.31.)

Cover of Interventions to Reduce or Prevent Obesity in Pregnant Women: A Systematic Review

Interventions to Reduce or Prevent Obesity in Pregnant Women: A Systematic Review.

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Appendix 6Quality assessment of the observational studies evaluating the effectiveness of weight management interventions in pregnancy

Cohort studies

StudyRepresentativeness of the exposed cohortSelection of the non-exposed cohortAscertainment of exposureDemonstration that outcome of interest was not present at start of studyComparability of cohortsAssessment of outcomeWas follow-up long enough for outcomes to occur?Adequacy of follow-up of cohortsOverall score (max. 9)
Bell 199560++++++++
Bungum 200061++++++
Clapp 198462++++++++++++++
Clapp 199063++++++++++
Clapp 199064++++++++++++
Cogswell 199965++++++++++
Conway 199966++++++++++
Dale 198267++++++++
Dempsey 200469++++++++++++++++++
de Rooij 200768++++++++++
Hatch 199370++++++++
Horns 199671++++++++++++++
Jackson 199572++++++++++
Knudsen 200873++++++++++++++++
Lenders 199474++++++++++++++++
Lenders 199775++++++++++++++++
Lumey 200976++++++++++++
Magann 200277++++++++++++
Melzer 201078++++++++
Mottola 201079++++++++
Neugebauer 199980++++++++++
Olson 200481++++++++
Perichart 200982++++++
Piravej 200183++++++++++
Shirazian 201084++++++++++++++
Stein 200785++++++++++++

Case-control studies

StudyIs case definition adequate?Representativeness of the casesSelection of controlsDefinition of controlsComparability of cases and controlsAscertainment of exposureSame method of ascertainment for cases and controlsNon-response rateOverall score (max. 9)
Berkowitz 198386++++++++++++
Dempsey 200487++++++++++
Dye 199788++++++++++
Gregory 198789++++++++++++
Oken 200690++++++++++++++
Sorensen 200391++++++++++++
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