TABLE 9-2Summary Statistics of Child Characteristics

Child Characteristics
 Age41.9539.1242.54< 0.001
 Oldest son (%)15.9022.3714.53< 0.001
 Youngest son (%)27.3061.2920.12< 0.001
 Daughter (%)46.0412.0453.22< 0.001
 Married (%)91.3878.4994.10< 0.001
 # of children (age < 16)0.340.470.310.001
Education (%)
 Middle school28.6538.0626.66< 0.001
 High school13.6513.5513.670.945
 College and above5.893.016.49< 0.001

NOTES: (1) The sample includes adult children no younger than age 25 with at least one parent who is older than age 60. (2) P-values are from t-test of the co-resident and nonco-resident groups.

SOURCE: Data from CHARLS 2008 pilot.

From: 9, Patterns and Correlates of Intergenerational Nontime Transfers: Evidence from CHARLS

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