Table 151Evidence summary table: perphenazine versus risperidone – specific adverse events

OutcomeStudiesParticipantsEffect EstimateI2Less with
Behavior and psychosis
Suicidal ideation2316020.98 (0.22, 4.34)NEND
Suicide attempt2316020.65 (0.06, 7.17)NEND
BMI and weight
Weight gain2316020.90 (0.58, 1.41)NEND
ECG abnormalities2316020.37 (0.08, 1.78)NEND
Hypertension2316020.94 (0.56, 1.57)NEND
Orthostatic hypotension2316021.02 (0.65, 1.62)NEND
Cholinergic and anticholinergic
Anticholinergic side-effects2316020.89 (0.66, 1.19)NEND
Endocrine (prolactin - thyroid)
Menstrual irregularities2316020.57 (0.24, 1.37)NEND
AIMS global severity score ≥22316021.41 (0.93, 2.13)NEND
BARS global score ≥32316021.05 (0.55, 1.98)NEND
Dystonia2316020.65 (0.06, 7.17)NEND
SAS mean score ≥12316020.85 (0.45, 1.60)NEND
Genital, urinary, and breast
Gynecomastia/galactorrhea2316020.37 (0.12, 1.12)NEND
Incontinence/nocturia2316020.31 (0.13, 0.75)NEperphenazine
Diabetes2316021.06 (0.57, 1.96)NEND
Metabolic syndrome2316021.42 (0.98, 2.06)NEND
Cataracts2316020.65 (0.06, 7.17)NEND
Hypersomnia2316021.01 (0.78, 1.30)NEND
Insomnia2316021.04 (0.79, 1.37)NEND

Significant results are in bold; AIMS = Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale; BARS = Barnes Akathisia Rating Scale; BMI = body mass index; ECG = electrocardiogram; EPS = extrapyramidal symptoms/syndrome; I2 = I–squared; ND = no difference; NE = not estimable; SAS = Simpson Angus Scale

From: Appendix N, Summary Tables of Adverse Events

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Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 63.
Abou-Setta AM, Mousavi SS, Spooner C, et al.

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