Table A-2PsycINFO–Ovid Version

Date searched: 16Jul10; 13April11; 11Jul11
Notes: limit to: RCT/CCT, cohort studies, systematic reviews, English only, 1950-–present
  1. exp schizophrenia/
  2. exp “fragmentation (schizophrenia)”/
  3. exp “positive and negative symptoms”/
  4. exp schizoaffective disorder/
  5. exp schizoid personality disorder/
  6. exp schizotypal personality disorder/
  7. exp psychosis/
  8. or/1–7
  9. schizophren*.mp.
  10. (schizoaffective or schizo-affective).tw.
  11. (dementia adj praecox).tw.
  12. (delusional adj2 disorder*).tw.
  13. ((negative or positive) adj syndrome*).tw.
  15. or/9–14
  16. or/8,15
  17. exp Bipolar Disorder/
  18. affective psychosis/
  19. mania/
  20. exp affective disorders/
  21. or/17–20
  22. (((bipolar or manic) adj2 (I or II or illness or disorder or psychos?s or depress$)) or mania*).tw.
  23. (BPD or hypoman$ or manic-depressive).tw.
  24. (BP 1 or BP 2 or BP I or BP II).tw.
  25. (cyclothym$ or euthymic).tw.
  26. (acute adj2 mania).tw.
  27. (acute adj2 mixed adj episode*).tw.
  28. (rapid-cycling adj5 bipolar).tw.
  29. (rapid adj2 cycling adj5 bipolar).tw.
  30. (mixed adj2 state* adj3 bipolar).tw.
  31. or/22–30
  32. or/21,31
  33. or/16,32
  34. exp Neuroleptic Drugs/
  35. ((first or 1st) adj generation adj antipsychotic*).tw.
  36. (Aminazin or Aminazine or Ampliactil or BC 135 or Chlorpromazine or Chlorpromazinum or Clorpromazina or Chlor-Promanyl or Chlorpromados or Chlorderazin or Chlorpromazin or Contomin or Elmarin or Esmind or Fenactil or Fenaktyl or HL 5746 or Largactil or Largactilothiazine or Megaphen or Largactyl or Klooripromatsiini or Klorpromazin or 6 Copin or Trinicalm Forte or Diminex Balsamico Juven Tos or Largatrex or Phenactyl or Proma or Promactil or Promazil or Prozil or Psychozine or Sanpron or Thorazine or Torazina or Wintermin).mp.
  37. (Dehydrobenzoperidol or Dehydrobenzperidol or Deidrobenzperidolo or Dridol or Droleptan or Droperidol or Droperidoli or Droperidolis or Droperidolum or Disifelit or Halkan or Inapsin or Inapsine or Inopsin or Thalamonal or Nilperidol or Properidol or Sintodril or Vetkalm).mp.
  38. (Dapotum or Elinol or Flufenazina or Fluofenazine or Fluphenazine or Fluorphenazine or Fluphenazinum or Ftorphenazine or Moditen or Pacinol or Sevinol or Siqualon or Triflumethazine or Valamina or Vespazine).mp.
  39. (Aldo or Aloperidin or Aloperidol or Aloperidolo or Brootopon or Dozic or Einalon S or Eukystol or Fortunan or Galoperidol or Haldol or Halojust or Halopal or Haloperidol or Haloperidoli or Haloperidolis or Haloperidolu or Halopoidol or Serenace or Halopidol or Haloper or Halperon or Keselan or Lealgin or Linton or Mixidol or Peluces or Pernox or Serenace or Serenefl or Sernas or Sernel or Serenase or Ulcolind or Uliolind or Vesalium).mp.
  40. (Cloxazepine or CL 62362 or Dibenzacepin or Dibenzoazepine or Hydrofluoride 3170 or LW 3170 or Lossapina or Loksapiini or Loxapin or Loxapina or Loxapine or Loxapinum or Oxilapine or Loxapac or SUM Sinophenin or Talofen or Talofen or Tomil or Verophen).mp.
  41. (Chlorperphenazine or Chlorpiprazine or Decentan or Emesinal or Etaperazin or Etaperazine or Ethaperazine or Etrafon or F-mon or Fentazin or Mutabon or Perfenazin or Perfenazina or Perfenazinas or Perfenazine or Perphenazin or Perphenazine or Perfenazyna or Perphenazinum or Pertriptyl or Sch 3940 or Thilatazin or Tranquisan or Trifaron or Trilafon or Trilifan or Triptafen or Triphenot or Triavil).mp.
  42. (Antalon or Opiran or Orap or Pimotsidi or Pimozid or Pimozida or Pimozidas or Pimozide or Pimozidum or Pimozyd).mp.
  43. (Apo-Prochlorazine or Capazine or Chlormeprazine or Compazine or Compro or Dhaperazine or Emelent or Kronocin or Nipodal or Novamin or Nu-Prochlor or Meterazin or Meterazine or Mitil or Prochlorpemazine or Prochlorperazinum or Proclorperazina or Prochlorperazine or Proklooriperatsiini or Proklorperazin or Prorazin or Phenothiazine or Seratil or Stemetil or Tementil or Temetid).mp.
  44. (Aldazine or Dazithin or Detril or Elperil or Mallorol or Malloryl or Melleril or Meleril or Mellaril or Mellerets or Mellerette or Melleretten or Melleril or Sonapax or Thioridazin or Thioridazine or Thioridazinum or Tioridatsiini or Tioridazin or Tioridazina or Tioridazinas).mp.
  45. (Navane or Navaron or Orbinamon or Tiotixene or Tiotikseeni or Tiotixen or Tiotixeno or Tiotixenum or Thixit or Tiotixene or Thiothixene).mp.
  46. (Cuait D or Cuait N or eskazine or flupazine or Jatrosom or Jalonac or Parstelin or Parmodalin or stelazine or Stelabid or Stelapar or Sycot or Terfluzine or Trifluoperazine or Trifluoperazini Hydrochloridum or triftazin or Trinicalm Forte or Trinicalm Plus or Trifluperazine).mp.
  47. or/35–57
  48. ((second or 2nd) adj generation adj antipsychotic*).tw.
  49. ((third or 3rd) adj generation adj antipsychotic*).tw.
  50. (Abilitat or Abilify or Aripiprazole or Discmelt or OPC 31 or OPC 14597).mp.
  51. (Blonanserin or AD 5423).mp.
  52. (Fanapt or HP 873 or Zomaril).mp.
  53. (Zyprexa or Olantsapiini or Olanzapin or Olanzapina or Olanzapinum or Olansek or Olanzapine or Zalasta or Zypadhera or Symbyax).mp.
  54. (9-Hydroxyrisperidone or Invega or R 76477 or RO76477).mp.
  55. (Co-Quetiapine or HSDB 7557 or Quetiapine or Seroquel).mp.
  56. (Apexidone or Psychodal or Risperdal or Risperidona or Risperidone or Risperidonum or Risperin or Risperilept or Rispolin or Spiron).mp.
  57. (Zeldox or zeldrox or geodon).mp.
  58. or/59–76
  59. or/34,58,77
  60. or/58,77
  61. or/78–79
  62. randomi?ed controlled,pt.
  63. exp Clinical Trials/
  64. controlled clinical,pt.
  65. randomi?ed.ab.
  66. placebo*.ab.
  67. randomly.ab.
  68. trial.ab.
  69. groups.ab.
  70. or/81–88
  71. exp Animals/
  72. 89 not 90
  73. and/33,80,91
  74. limit 92 to english language
  75. limit 93 to (adulthood <18+ years> and “300 adulthood “)
  76. exp Clinical Trials/
  77. clinical
  81. or/95–99
  82. and/33,80,100
  83. limit 101 to english language
  84. limit 102 to yr=“1950 – 1986”
  85. limit 102 to (adulthood <18+ years> and “300 adulthood “)
  86. limit 104 to “0100 journal”
  87. exp Followup Studies/
  88. exp longitudinal studies/
  89. exp prospective studies/
  90. exp retrospective studies/
  91. (observation$ or prospectiv$ or cohort$ or longitudinal or long term or long-term or longterm or followup or followup or followup).mp. and (study or studies or trial$).ti,ab,sh.
  92. or/106–110
  93. exp Animals/
  94. 111 not 112
  95. and/33,80,113
  96. limit 114 to english language
  97. limit 115 to yr=“1950 – 1986”
  98. limit 115 to “0100 journal”
  99. meta-analys?
  102. or/118–120
  103. and/33,80,121
  104. and/33,80
  105. limit 123 to “0830 systematic review”
  106. or/122,124
  107. limit 125 to english language
  108. limit 126 to (adulthood <18+ years> and “300 adulthood “)
  109. limit 127 to “0100 journal”
  110. adult*.mp.
  111. 125 and 129
  112. limit 130 to “0100 journal”
  113. 128 or 131
  114. limit 132 to yr=“1950 – 1986”

CCT = controlled clinical trial; RCT = randomized controlled trial

From: Appendix A, Literature Search Strategies

Cover of First-Generation Versus Second-Generation Antipsychotics in Adults: Comparative Effectiveness
First-Generation Versus Second-Generation Antipsychotics in Adults: Comparative Effectiveness [Internet].
Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 63.
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