Table 106Subgroup and sensitivity analyses: haloperidol vs. risperidone – Negative symptoms (PANSS Scale)

Total SymptomsStudiesParticipantsEffect EstimateI2Favors
OVERALL POOLED RESULTS2040430.60 (0.01, 1.20)30%risperidone
Disorder subtypes
Schizoaffective disorder411810.88 (0.12, 1.64)0%risperidone
Schizoaffective excluded23632.36 (0.39, 4.32)0%risperidone
Mixed1424990.32 (−0.51, 1.16)35%ND
Co-morbid drug/alcohol use
Excluded1432100.52 (−0.22, 1.26)31%ND
Mixed68330.77 (−0.37, 1.91)37%ND
First vs. multiple episodes
Mixed first and multiple episodes1320590.88 (0.30, 1.47)0%risperidone
Multiple episodes only719840.05 (−1.19, 1.29)57%ND
Treatment resistance
No treatment resistant4881−0.04 (−1.78, 1.70)73%ND
Treatment resistant21561.00 (−1.74, 3.73)41%ND
Mixed1430060.71 (0.15, 1.27)3%risperidone
Duration of followup
≤6 weeks32601.05 (−0.84, 2.95)0%ND
>6 weeks and <6 months1021470.54 (−0.21, 1.29)0%ND
≥6 months716360.54 (−0.49, 1.57)65%ND
Dosage of FGA (haloperidol)
≤20mg/d1839370.56 (−0.03, 1.15)28%ND
Upper limit >20mg/d21061.82 (−2.85, 6.49)71%ND
Dosage of SGA (risperidone)
Lower limit <4mg/d1537540.53 (−0.13, 1.19)40%ND
Upper range >6mg/d1032830.26 (−0.45, 0.96)38%ND
Source of funding
Industry funding1020910.43 (−0.54, 1.41)56%ND
No industry funding not reported1019520.76 (0.08, 1.45)0%risperidone
Risk of bias
Unclear1534880.39 (−0.30, 1.08)35%ND
High55551.47 (0.44, 2.51)0%risperidone
Other1538130.60 (−0.08, 1.28)43%ND
Asian52300.78 (−1.03, 2.59)0%ND
Data analysis
Imputed data31439−0.40 (−2.38, 1.58)18%ND
No imputed data1726040.74 (0.08, 1.41)32%risperidone

Significant results are in bold. d = day; FGA = first generation antipsychotic; I2 = I–squared; mg = milligrams; ND = no difference; NE = not estimable; PANSS = Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale; SGA = second generation antipsychotic

From: Appendix M, Subgroup and Sensitivity Analyses

Cover of First-Generation Versus Second-Generation Antipsychotics in Adults: Comparative Effectiveness
First-Generation Versus Second-Generation Antipsychotics in Adults: Comparative Effectiveness [Internet].
Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 63.
Abou-Setta AM, Mousavi SS, Spooner C, et al.

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