Figure 14.21. Ureteric bud growth is dependent on GDNF and its receptor.

Figure 14.21

Ureteric bud growth is dependent on GDNF and its receptor. (A) The ureteric bud from a 11.5-day wild-type mouse embryonic kidney cultured for 72 hours has a characteristic branching pattern. (B) In embryonic mice heterozygous for the genes encoding GDNF, the size of the ureteric bud and the number and length of its branches are reduced. (C) In mouse embryos missing both copies of the gdnf gene, the ureteric bud does not form. (Scale bars = 100 μm.) (D) The receptors for GDNF are concentrated in the posterior portion of the nephric duct. GDNF secreted by the metanephrogenic mesenchyme stimulates the growth of the ureteric bud from this duct. At later stages, the GDNF receptor is found exclusively at the tips of the ureteric buds. (A-C from Pichel et al. 1996, photographs courtesy of J. G. Pichel and H. Sariola; D after Schuchardt et al. 1996.)

From: Intermediate Mesoderm

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