TABLE 2.1Thyroid Dose (cGy or Rad) for an Individual Born on January 1, 1952

Dietary source of iodine-131Average diet with retail commercial milkAverage diet with milk from a “backyard cow”Average diet and milk from a backyard goatAverage diet without milk
Location (Co.)
(95% Uncertainty Range)(95% Uncertainty Range)(95% Uncertainty Range)(95% Uncertainty Range)
2.5% tileGeo. MeanGSD97.5% tile2.5% tileGeo. MeanGSD97.5% tile2.5% tileGeo. MeanGSD97.5% tile2.5% tileGeo. MeanGSD97.5% tile
Pacific Coast
Los Angeles, CA0.
Alameda, CA0.
Coos, OR0.
Western States
Navajo, AZ0.32.82.9234.9212.1169201202.57230.090.482.42.7
Clark, NV0.45.53.6682.9162.41973.5383.44180.040.824.415
Washington, UT2.5233.12119.2512.4468132104.133360.33.23.231
Mountain States
Boise, ID1.4193.82603.4313.1424151803.520970.051.55.847
Meagher, MT2.5434.37503.8553.9959203304.254960.110.912.97.3
Denver, CO4.2121.73411.5291.682341201.94220.040.523.56.1
Central States
Scott, MN2.7152.4834.5232.3128181202.67810.110.612.43.4
Milwaukee, WI2.28.42.0332.8132.25120792.03070.080.312.01.2
St. Louis, MO2.3132.4725.4302.4167231302.47230.200.691.92.4
Franklin, KS3.3142.1606.9272.0116291502.37670.240.751.82.4
Southeast States
Orange, FL0.31.82.4103.3142.1789.4612.63970.
Anderson, TN1.86.51.9234.3151.953341201.94220.180.461.61.2
Washington, DC1.25.02.1211.25.02.12113702.43890.
Northeast States
Albany, NY1.19.73842.223.03.3198121002.98060.050.432.93.5
Columbiana, OH0.184.14.9920.235.55.01241.1325.79700.020.314.14.9
Hartford, CT1.5112.8833.4192.4143141102.98870.070.352.31.8
York, ME1.57.72.3393.31326713752.44170.100.311.81.0

NOTE: The original NCI Website (http:www2​ gives only the geometric mean and the geometric standard deviation. The 95% uncertainty range is calculated as 97.5%tile = GM*(GSD1.96); 2.5%tile = GM/(GSD1.96).

From: 2, Review of the NCI Radiation Dose Reconstruction

Cover of Exposure of the American People to Iodine-131 from Nevada Nuclear-Bomb Tests
Exposure of the American People to Iodine-131 from Nevada Nuclear-Bomb Tests: Review of the National Cancer Institute Report and Public Health Implications.
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