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JNK cascade

An intracellular protein kinase cascade containing at least a JNK (a MAPK), a JNKK (a MAPKK) and a JUN3K (a MAP3K). The cascade can also contain two additional tiers: the upstream MAP4K and the downstream MAP Kinase-activated kinase (MAPKAPK). The kinases in each tier phosphorylate and activate the kinases in the downstream tier to transmit a signal within a cell. Synonyms: JNK1 cascade; JNK2 cascade; JNK3 cascade; MAPK10 cascade; MAPK8 cascade; MAPK9 cascade; SAPK cascade; c-Jun N-terminal kinase cascade; stress-activated protein kinase cascade;

from GO source record: GO:0007254
Type: pathway
Taxonomic scope
conserved biosystem

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