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MIGS Cultured Bacterial/Archaeal sample from Dialister invisus DSM 15470

BioSample: SAMN00008820; SRA: SRS010441; Sample name: 46745
Dialister invisus DSM 15470
cellular organisms; Bacteria; Firmicutes; Negativicutes; Selenomonadales; Veillonellaceae; Dialister; Dialister invisus
MIGS: cultured bacteria/archaea; version 4.0
collection datenot determined
estimated size1896000
isolation and growth conditionnot determined
hostHomo sapiens
latitude and longitudenot determined
environment biometerrestrial biome [ENVO:00000446]
investigation typemissing
environment featurehuman-associated habitat [ENVO:00009003]
host taxonomy ID9606 (9606)
project nameDialister invisus DSM 15470
geographic locationnot determined
source material identifiersDSM 15470
environment materialbiological product [ENVO:02000043]
reference for biomaterialnot determined
number of repliconsnot determined
strainDSM 15470
environmental packagemissing
finishing strategy (depth of coverage)Level 3: Improved-High-Quality Draft38.3x;2
project_typeReference Genome
misc_param: HMP body siteTeeth
nucleic acid extractionnot determined
assemblynot determined
misc_param: HMP supersiteoral
sequencing method454

Dialister invisus str. DSM 15470

Keywords: GSC:MIxS;MIGS:4.0

WUGSC; 2010-02-19

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