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Pathogen bacterial, clinical or host-associated sample from Escherichia coli HVH 146 (4-3189767)

BioSample: SAMN01885791; Sample name: Escherichia coli HVH 146 (4-3189767); SRA: SRS399656
Escherichia coli HVH 146 (4-3189767)
cellular organisms; Bacteria; Proteobacteria; Gammaproteobacteria; Enterobacteriales; Enterobacteriaceae; Escherichia; Escherichia coli
Pathogen: clinical or host-associated; version 1.0
geographic locationDenmark
collection date2004
hostHomo sapiens
latitude and longitudemissing
host diseaseUTI induced bacteremia
isolation sourceBlood
collected bymissing
strainHVH 146 (4-3189767)
Broad Institute, Susanna Hamilton; 2013-01-11

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Accession Spots Bases Download
SRS399656 8.3M 1.7G 878.4M
SRX247783 1.9M 382.7M 185.3M
SRR770109 1.9M 382.7M 185.3M
SRX251098 2.0M 403.8M 198.3M
SRR784212 2.0M 403.8M 198.3M
SRX340335 4.4M 886.8M 494.8M
SRR958270 2.2M 446.3M 249.9M
SRR958271 2.2M 440.4M 244.9M

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