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Accession: PRJNA146101 ID: 146101

miRNA expression profiling in early stage breast cancer (human)

See Genome Information for Homo sapiens
MiRNA profiling from whole blood (EDTA) was used to identify a miRNA profile applicable for early stage breast cancer detection Overall design: In the study presented here, a consecutively collected, well-defined cohort of 48 patients with early stage breast cancer (invasive ductal carcinoma) at diagnosis was compared with a cohort of 57 healthy individuals for known homo sapiens miRNAs (mirbase 15).
Project Type:Transcriptome or Gene expression
Attributes:Scope: Multiisolate; Material: Transcriptome; Capture: Whole; Method type: Array
Other Accessions:GEO:GSE31309
Project Data:
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Data volume, Spots115500
Data volume, Processed Mbytes2
Data volume, Supplementary Mbytes1
  • Schrauder MG et al., "Circulating micro-RNAs as potential blood-based markers for early stage breast cancer detection.", PLoS One, 2012 Jan 5;7(1):e29770
Registration date: 2-Feb-2012
Gynecology, University Hospital Erlangen

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