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Accession: PRJNA100501 ID: 100501

Pol II localization in yeast termination mutants (baker's yeast)

See Genome Information for Saccharomyces cerevisiae
RNA Polymerase II was mapped over 4% of the yeast genome by ChIP, in wild-type and a handful of mutants in transcriptional termination factors. More...
Project Data Type:Epigenomics
Attributes:Scope: Multiisolate; Material: Genome; Capture: Whole; Method type: Array
Relevance:Model Organism
Other Accessions:GEO:GSE6301
Project Data:
Resource NameNumber
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GEO DataSets1
GEO Data Details
Data volume, Spots209376
Data volume, Processed Mbytes50
  • Kim M et al., "Distinct pathways for snoRNA and mRNA termination.", Mol Cell, 2006 Dec 8;24(5):723-34
  • Kim M et al., "The yeast Rat1 exonuclease promotes transcription termination by RNA polymerase II.", Nature, 2004 Nov 25;432(7016):517-22
Registration date: 21-Nov-2006
UMass Medical School

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