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Organism name:
Desulfuromonas acetoxidans DSM 684
Infraspecific name:
Strain: DSM 684
DOE Joint Genome Institute
Assembly level:
Genome representation:
RefSeq category:
representative genome
GenBank assembly accession:
GCA_000167355.1 (latest)
RefSeq assembly accession:
GCF_000167355.1 (latest)
RefSeq assembly and GenBank assembly identical:
WGS Project:

IDs: 203378 [UID] 203358 [GenBank] 203378 [RefSeq]

See Genome Information for Desulfuromonas acetoxidans

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URL -- http://www.jgi.doe.gov
JGI Project ID: 4000892
Source DNA available from Derek Lovley (dlovley@bio.umass.edu)
Bacteria available from DSMZ: DSM 684
Contacts: Derek Lovley (dlovley@bio.umass.edu)
 Paul Richardson (microbes@cuba.jgi-psf.org)
Whole genome sequencing and draft assembly at JGI-PGF
Annotation by JGI-ORNL
The JGI and collaborators endorse the principles for ... the distribution and use of large scale sequencing data adopted by the larger genome sequencing community and urge users of this data to follow them. It is our intention to publish the work of this project in a timely fashion and we welcome collaborative interaction on the project and analysis.
Additional Notes: This project is being designated as "Permanent Draft". The assembly consists of 51 contigs. No further work on this project is planned at this time.  more

Global statistics

Total sequence length3,828,328
Total assembly gap length0
Number of contigs51
Contig N50195,317
Total number of chromosomes and plasmids0

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This assembly only contains unplaced WGS contigs. The WGS contigs can be viewed in the WGS Browser.

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