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Entrez Nucleotide Database Splits

NCBI's traditional Nucleotide database has been divided into three component databases: "EST" containing Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs); "GSS" containing Genome Survey Sequences (GSS); and "CoreNucleotide" containing the remaining nucleotide sequences. This division will facilitate more tightly focused searches.
A statistics line shows the results for the three component nucleotide databases and is shown in Figure 1. The new component databases are included within the Entrez linking scheme and links within and between databases can be selected as usual.
Entrez features such as the Limits, Preview/ Index, History, and MyNCBI tabs are maintained separately. Because unique search fields are available for each new Nucleotide component database more precise searches are possible. See the Entrez help document for more information and for searching details:

A more detailed article on the split of the Entrez Nucleotide database will appear in the next issue of the NCBI news.

Figure 1. Results of the search "All[filter]" is shown in the statistics line below the filter tabs, indicating a total of 62.2 million records in the Entire Nucleotide division of the database info.



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