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UGID:1842687     UniGene Hs.569700     Homo sapiens (human)   RFNG
RFNG O-fucosylpeptide 3-beta-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase (RFNG)

Human protein-coding gene RFNG. Represented by 239 ESTs from 133 cDNA libraries. Corresponds to reference sequence NM_002917.1. [UniGene 1842687 - Hs.569700]

Comparison of cluster transcripts with RefSeq proteins. The alignments can suggest function of the cluster.
Best Hits and Hits from model organismsSpeciesId(%)Len(aa)
NP_002908.1 RFNG gene product H. sapiens 100.0 330
NP_033079.1 Rfng gene product M. musculus 89.6 326
NP_001001830.1 rfng gene product D. rerio 73.0 352
NP_001080939.1 beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase radical fringe X. laevis 72.4 253
NP_524191.1 fringe D. melanogaster 53.1 277
Other hits (2 of 33) [Show all]SpeciesId(%)Len(aa)
XP_003913648.1 PREDICTED: beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase radical fringe P. anubis 98.2 330
XP_002800683.1 PREDICTED: beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase radical fringe-like, partial M. mulatta 96.6 293

Tissues and development stages from this gene's sequences survey gene expression. Links to other NCBI expression resources.
EST Profile: Approximate expression patterns inferred from EST sources.
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GEO Profiles: Experimental gene expression data (Gene Expression Omnibus).
cDNA Sources: brain; mixed; lung; testis; kidney; prostate; eye; uncharacterized tissue; intestine; embryonic tissue; connective tissue; ovary; heart; bladder; stomach; pancreas; spleen; placenta; muscle; skin; liver; uterus; ascites; lymph; mammary gland; bone; pituitary gland; adipose tissue; thyroid
Genomic location specified by transcript mapping, radiation hybrid mapping, genetic mapping or cytogenetic mapping.
Chromosome: 17
Map position: 17q25
UniSTS entry: Chr 17 RH79807
UniSTS entry: Chr 17 RH35971 [Map Viewer]
UniSTS entry: Chr 17 PMC111189P1
Sequences representing this gene; mRNAs, ESTs, and gene predictions supported by transcribed sequences.

mRNA sequences (11)

BC050399.1 Homo sapiens radical fringe homolog (Drosophila), mRNA (cDNA clone IMAGE:5588638), partial cds PA
BC069034.1 Homo sapiens radical fringe homolog (Drosophila), mRNA (cDNA clone IMAGE:6295914) PA
BC080181.1 Homo sapiens cDNA clone IMAGE:6075051 A
NM_002917.1 Homo sapiens RFNG O-fucosylpeptide 3-beta-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase (RFNG), mRNA P
BC146805.1 Homo sapiens RFNG O-fucosylpeptide 3-beta-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:167010 IMAGE:8860343), complete cds PA
BC014495.1 Homo sapiens, clone IMAGE:4850415, mRNA PA
AK094016.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ36697 fis, clone UTERU2008962, moderately similar to Homo sapiens radical fringe (RFNG) gene P
AK293568.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ56340 complete cds, highly similar to Beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase radical fringe (EC P
AK302068.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ50909 complete cds, highly similar to Beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase radical fringe (EC P
U94353.1 Human radical fringe mRNA, partial cds P
AF038196.1 Homo sapiens clone 23701 mRNA sequence PA

EST sequences (239)

AA906500.1 Clone IMAGE:1506856 mixed 3' read
AI122967.1 Clone IMAGE:1509528 mixed 3' read
CB052993.1 Clone IMAGE:3290598 uncharacterized tissue 5' read P
AI147922.1 Clone IMAGE:1698565 uterus 3' read A
AI149865.1 Clone IMAGE:1751783 testis 3' read A
BX104773.1 Clone IMAGp998G13140_;_IMAGE:26579 brain A
AI217707.1 Clone IMAGE:1844761 mixed 3' read
AI218696.1 Clone IMAGE:1510170 mixed 3' read
CB137362.1 Clone L6ChoCK0-24-G06 liver 5' read P
CB149593.1 Clone L15CKK1-46-H08 liver 5' read
U69198.1 Clone c-32h10 brain PA
AI198094.1 Clone IMAGE:1860298 brain 3' read
AI244107.1 Clone IMAGE:1864160 kidney 3' read
AI279659.1 Clone IMAGE:1927929 lung 3' read
AI298861.1 Clone IMAGE:1896859 lung 3' read
AI378177.1 Clone IMAGE:2068841 mixed 3' read
AI400886.1 Clone IMAGE:2119812 prostate 3' read
AI581670.1 Clone IMAGE:1955900 brain 3' read P
AI651257.1 Clone IMAGE:2304232 uncharacterized tissue 3' read
AI671140.1 Clone IMAGE:2305592 uncharacterized tissue 3' read
AI671379.1 Clone IMAGE:2316611 kidney 3' read
AI684776.1 Clone IMAGE:2301832 mixed 3' read
AI686599.1 Clone IMAGE:2268630 uterus 3' read
AI701778.1 Clone IMAGE:2347540 mixed 3' read
AI742023.1 Clone IMAGE:2367358 mixed 3' read
AI744092.1 Clone IMAGE:2317248 prostate 3' read
AI805160.1 Clone IMAGE:2087604 mixed 3' read
CB266109.1 adipose tissue 5' read A
AI828920.1 Clone IMAGE:2405031 lung 3' read P
AI866163.1 Clone IMAGE:2425980 uterus 3' read P
AI934904.1 Clone IMAGE:2469575 brain 3' read
CD110311.1 Clone IMAGE:30337854 placenta 5' read P
CD109173.1 Clone IMAGE:30368079 pituitary gland 5' read
AI869182.1 Clone IMAGE:2428340 brain 3' read
BX402542.2 Clone CS0DI050YB22 placenta 3' read
BX402543.2 Clone CS0DI050YB22 placenta 5' read P
BX431637.2 Clone CS0DF024YO07 brain 5' read
BX420134.2 Clone CS0DF024YO07 brain 5' read P
AI950790.1 Clone IMAGE:2547541 lung 3' read
AI956136.1 Clone IMAGE:2509449 pancreas 3' read
AI961674.1 Clone IMAGE:2512351 pancreas 3' read A
CD244935.1 Clone IMAGE:30376145 brain 5' read P
BX457857.2 Clone CS0DA006YO01 uncharacterized tissue 5' read
AI984589.1 Clone IMAGE:2563078 skin 3' read
CD365857.1 Clone UI-H-FT2-bjk-n-06-0-UI lung 3' read A
AW001532.1 Clone IMAGE:2521899 intestine 3' read
CD519527.1 Clone IMAGE:30396729 brain 5' read A
CD557863.1 Clone IMAGE:30390050 testis 5' read P
CD723690.1 Clone oj25c07 eye 5' read
AW081770.1 Clone IMAGE:2581645 mixed 3' read
CF128752.1 Clone IMAGE:30561999 lung 5' read
CF139715.1 Clone IMAGE:3096955 prostate 5' read P
F11888.1 Clone c-32h10 brain P
F09535.1 Clone c-32h10 brain 3' read
AW237535.1 Clone IMAGE:2689807 kidney 3' read
F13368.1 Clone c-3md09 brain P
F11099.1 Clone c-3md09 brain 3' read
AW297517.1 Clone IMAGE:2731072 uncharacterized tissue 3' read A
AW518284.1 Clone IMAGE:2876143 pancreas 3' read
CK429281.1 Clone oj34f03 eye 5' read P
CK430870.1 Clone oj55a03 eye 5' read
AW590000.1 Clone IMAGE:2946998 uncharacterized tissue 3' read
CK902379.1 Clone IMAGE:6035733 pancreas 3' read
AW955319.1 uncharacterized tissue P
CN351551.1 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CN351552.1 embryonic tissue 5' read P
AW961039.1 uncharacterized tissue
CN400208.1 embryonic tissue 5' read
CN400209.1 embryonic tissue 5' read A
BE250259.1 Clone IMAGE:2959912 muscle 5' read P
BE250669.1 Clone IMAGE:2959912 muscle 3' read
BE328234.1 Clone IMAGE:3144703 kidney 3' read
BE504542.1 Clone IMAGE:3212117 lung 3' read
CV805786.1 Clone IMAGE:7501061 embryonic tissue 5' read A
BE707836.1 thyroid
BP395182.1 Clone hbt03702 pancreas 3' read
BE787894.1 Clone IMAGE:3882752 lung 5' read
AU310331.1 Clone Nbla-22783 uncharacterized tissue 5' read P
DR006650.1 Clone TC104978 spleen 5' read P
BE856169.1 Clone IMAGE:3304151 prostate 3' read
AV752767.1 Clone NPDBCA09 pituitary gland 5' read
BF195483.1 Clone IMAGE:3565388 lung 3' read
BF306866.1 Clone IMAGE:4137427 muscle 5' read P
BF337177.1 Clone IMAGE:4182498 brain 5' read
BF339382.1 Clone IMAGE:4186512 brain 5' read P
BF449071.1 Clone IMAGE:3579101 prostate 3' read
AA723262.1 Clone IMAGE:409616 heart 3' read
AA861599.1 Clone IMAGE:1408179 testis 3' read
DA181131.1 Clone BRAMY2046077 brain 5' read P
DA332813.1 Clone BRHIP3031281 brain 5' read
BF696582.1 Clone IMAGE:4282027 brain 5' read
DA507840.1 Clone FCBBF3023973 brain 5' read
DA659876.1 Clone MESAN2016638 kidney 5' read
DA516422.1 Clone FEBRA2004844 brain 5' read
AU146141.1 Clone HEMBA1006944 embryonic tissue 3' read
DB041322.1 Clone TESTI2028369 testis 5' read
DB036998.1 Clone TESTI2022885 testis 5' read
BF435018.1 Clone IMAGE:3645060 ovary 3' read P
BF435246.1 Clone IMAGE:3268102 mixed 3' read
DA940331.1 Clone SPLEN2014211 spleen 5' read
DA826318.1 Clone PERIC2007646 heart 5' read
BF508830.1 Clone IMAGE:3085817 uncharacterized tissue 3' read A
DA952528.1 Clone SPLEN2030192 spleen 5' read
DA979680.1 Clone SYNOV2011220 connective tissue 5' read P
DB027194.1 Clone TESTI2009601 testis 5' read
DB351293.1 Clone UTERU2008962 uterus 3' read
DB254122.1 Clone UTERU2008962 uterus 5' read P
DW432218.1 liver
BF940276.1 Clone IMAGE:3577036 kidney 3' read
BG163990.1 Clone IMAGE:4453485 kidney 5' read
BG170457.1 Clone IMAGE:4425869 kidney 5' read
DB462374.2 Clone H013098C22 testis 5' read P
DB546019.1 Clone H023075E10 brain 3' read
DB473115.2 Clone H023058F10 brain 5' read P
DB541873.2 Clone H023058F10 brain 3' read
DB527806.2 Clone H013098C22 testis 3' read
AL530685.3 Clone CS0DD008YE14 uncharacterized tissue 3' read
AL530686.3 Clone CS0DD008YE14 uncharacterized tissue 5' read P
AL541603.3 Clone CS0DE003YH04 placenta 5' read P
BG420390.1 Clone IMAGE:4590725 kidney 5' read
EC451349.1 prostate
EC480376.1 prostate
EC487887.1 prostate
EC495434.1 prostate
EC509972.1 prostate
EC513698.1 prostate
EC516108.1 prostate
EC563616.1 prostate
EC574588.1 prostate
BG386417.1 Clone IMAGE:4583819 intestine 5' read P
BG745487.1 Clone IMAGE:4850415 spleen 5' read P
BG745890.1 Clone IMAGE:4850415 spleen 3' read
BG828777.1 Clone IMAGE:4903953 muscle 5' read P
BG911942.1 Clone IMAGE:4941685 brain 5' read
BG946023.1 bladder
BI194534.1 Clone IMAGE:5091036 pancreas 5' read P
DC303838.1 Clone BRACE2019813 brain 5' read P
DC351589.1 Clone FCBBF3020045 brain 5' read
DC366482.1 Clone NT2NE2015046 5' read P
DC352525.1 Clone FEBRA2003689 brain 5' read
DC397226.1 Clone TESTI2026582 testis 5' read P
DC396323.1 Clone TESTI2017271 testis 5' read P
DC424095.1 Clone HEMBA1006944 embryonic tissue 5' read P
DC357341.1 Clone HEART2010417 heart 5' read P
BI769928.1 Clone IMAGE:5209298 mixed 5' read
BI819416.1 Clone IMAGE:5175623 mixed 5' read P
BI915225.1 Clone IMAGE:5248716 brain 5' read P
BM544865.1 Clone IMAGE:5588638 ovary 5' read
BM547584.1 Clone IMAGE:5727634 brain 5' read P
BM556836.1 Clone IMAGE:5467561 skin 5' read P
BM561792.1 Clone IMAGE:5739889 intestine 5' read A
BM563569.1 Clone IMAGE:5744076 brain 5' read P
BM676218.1 Clone UI-E-EJ0-ahf-n-21-0-UI eye 3' read A
BM694375.1 Clone UI-E-CI1-afp-l-24-0-UI eye 5' read P
BM704414.1 Clone UI-E-CI1-afp-l-24-0-UI eye 5' read P
BM713019.1 Clone UI-E-EJ0-ahf-n-21-0-UI eye 5' read
BM742132.1 Clone S7SNU719-5-D06 stomach 5' read
BM742828.1 Clone S7SNU719-8-F07 stomach 5' read
BM746008.1 Clone S7SNU719-14-E08 stomach 5' read
BM746457.1 Clone S7SNU719-15-D03 stomach 5' read
BM748175.1 Clone S7SNU719-13-H08 stomach 5' read
BM753198.1 Clone S7SNU719-24-C10 stomach 5' read
BM805563.1 Clone IMAGE:5729111 brain 5' read P
BM783064.1 Clone S5SNU484-35-B06 stomach 5' read
BM783109.1 Clone S5SNU484-35-G04 stomach 5' read P
BM783241.1 Clone S5SNU484-31-F09 stomach 5' read P
BM783271.1 Clone S5SNU484-32-B01 stomach 5' read P
BM783534.1 Clone S5SNU484-37-C07 stomach 5' read P
BM854503.1 Clone S22SNU16n1-144-H08 ascites 5' read
BM906265.1 Clone IMAGE:5590200 ovary 5' read
BM906857.1 Clone IMAGE:5731101 brain 5' read
BM924248.1 Clone IMAGE:5760502 mixed 5' read P
BM926652.1 Clone IMAGE:5767066 mixed 5' read
BM974531.1 Clone UI-CF-EC1-aca-h-08-0-UI lung 3' read A
BM989343.1 Clone IMAGE:5863645 connective tissue 3' read A
BQ011846.1 Clone UI-1-BC1p-atj-f-05-0-UI placenta 3' read A
BQ066145.1 Clone IMAGE:5930770 lymph 5' read
BQ067730.1 Clone IMAGE:5768525 brain 5' read P
BQ431533.1 Clone IMAGE:6154317 eye 5' read A
BQ446422.1 Clone UI-H-EU1-azz-p-13-0-UI connective tissue 3' read A
BQ446690.1 Clone UI-H-EU1-bac-e-24-0-UI connective tissue 3' read A
BQ640458.1 Clone he28h12 eye 5' read P
BQ641686.1 Clone IMAGE:6292327 eye 5' read
BQ677449.1 Clone IMAGE:6257664 skin 5' read
BQ683850.1 Clone IMAGE:6294170 skin 5' read
BQ710452.1 Clone IMAGE:6278390 spleen 5' read P
BG116119.1 Clone IMAGE:4418250 intestine 5' read P
BI917345.1 Clone IMAGE:5248886 brain 5' read
BQ882101.1 Clone IMAGE:6295836 spleen 5' read
BQ896132.1 Clone IMAGE:6377047 brain 5' read P
BQ898710.1 Clone IMAGE:6295914 spleen 5' read P
BQ917319.1 Clone IMAGE:6455725 lung 5' read P
BQ954373.1 Clone IMAGE:6373976 lung 5' read P
BU069502.1 Clone IMAGE:6035733 pancreas 3' read
BU069722.1 Clone IMAGE:6035733 pancreas 5' read
AA059037.1 Clone IMAGE:381583 eye 5' read
BU160447.1 Clone IMAGE:6149870 skin 5' read
BU157162.1 Clone IMAGE:6075051 skin 5' read
BU166632.1 Clone IMAGE:6110188 skin 5' read
BU539694.1 Clone IMAGE:6570473 mammary gland 5' read P
AA156303.1 Clone IMAGE:590664 pancreas 3' read A
AA156364.1 Clone IMAGE:590664 pancreas 5' read
BU589450.1 Clone IMAGE:6388245 mixed 5' read
BU596591.1 Clone IMAGE:6453197 mixed 5' read
BU623043.1 Clone UI-H-FL1-bgd-i-13-0-UI bone 3' read A
BU678276.1 Clone UI-CF-EC0-abi-e-21-0-UI lung 3' read A
BU681197.1 Clone UI-CF-EC1-abu-f-22-0-UI lung 3' read A
BU687658.1 Clone UI-CF-EC1-adu-i-10-0-UI lung 3' read A
BU687708.1 Clone UI-CF-EC1-adu-b-23-0-UI lung 3' read A
BU730566.1 Clone UI-E-CI1-afp-l-24-0-UI eye 3' read A
BU855708.1 Clone IMAGE:6645251 ovary 5' read P
BU957738.1 Clone IMAGE:6731824 mammary gland 5' read P
AA256950.1 Clone IMAGE:682138 mixed 3' read
AA256638.1 Clone IMAGE:682234 mixed 5' read
AA256673.1 Clone IMAGE:682235 mixed 5' read
AA256674.1 Clone IMAGE:682235 mixed 3' read
HY184021.1 Clone H04D003D17 testis
HY189735.1 Clone H04D020M05 testis
HY198524.1 Clone H04D049J10 testis
HY215547.1 Clone H04D107F06 testis
HY222347.1 Clone H04D128E05 testis
HY226839.1 Clone H04D142F17 testis
CA312007.1 Clone UI-CF-FN0-afj-c-04-0-UI lung 3' read A
CA417068.1 Clone UI-H-FE0-bbp-p-15-0-UI bone 3' read A
CA418627.1 Clone UI-H-EZ1-bbe-a-22-0-UI bone 3' read A
CA421503.1 Clone UI-H-FG0-bcu-c-22-0-UI bone 3' read A
CA449837.1 Clone UI-H-EI1-ayy-g-06-0-UI connective tissue 3' read A
T65575.1 Clone IMAGE:21622 brain 3' read A
AA325082.1 brain 5' read P
AA338854.1 brain 3' read
AA338855.1 brain 5' read
AA351456.1 brain 5' read
AA471021.1 Clone IMAGE:881955 intestine 3' read
AA553750.1 Clone IMAGE:1014946 intestine 3' read A
AA663407.1 Clone IMAGE:859964 testis 3' read A
AA699531.1 Clone IMAGE:432639 mixed 3' read A
AA776767.1 Clone 1276640 testis 3' read
AA778819.1 Clone IMAGE:452521 mixed 3' read
R13807.1 Clone IMAGE:26579 brain 5' read P

Key to Symbols

P Has similarity to known Proteins (after translation)
A Contains a poly-Adenylation signal
S Sequence is a Suboptimal member of this cluster
M Clone is putatively CDS-complete by MGC criteria

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