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UGID:224712     UniGene Hs.422181     Homo sapiens (human)   S100B
S100 calcium binding protein B (S100B)

Human protein-coding gene S100B. Represented by 385 ESTs from 79 cDNA libraries. Corresponds to reference sequence NM_006272.2. [UniGene 224712 - Hs.422181]

Tissues and development stages from this gene's sequences survey gene expression. Links to other NCBI expression resources.
EST Profile: Approximate expression patterns inferred from EST sources.
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GEO Profiles: Experimental gene expression data (Gene Expression Omnibus).
cDNA Sources: brain; skin; ear; uncharacterized tissue; prostate; adrenal gland; ovary; nerve; mammary gland; heart; eye; uterus; mixed; pancreas; spinal cord; lung; placenta; embryonic tissue; connective tissue; pharynx; blood; adipose tissue; pineal gland
Genomic location specified by transcript mapping, radiation hybrid mapping, genetic mapping or cytogenetic mapping.
Chromosome: 21
Map position: 21q22.3
UniSTS entry: Chr 21 GDB:603920
UniSTS entry: Chr 21 GDB:185164
UniSTS entry: Chr 21 SHGC-5965 [Map Viewer]
UniSTS entry: Chr 21 S100B_3127
Sequences representing this gene; mRNAs, ESTs, and gene predictions supported by transcribed sequences.

mRNA sequences (4)

NM_006272.2 Homo sapiens S100 calcium binding protein B (S100B), mRNA P
CR542123.1 Homo sapiens full open reading frame cDNA clone RZPDo834C0623D for gene S100B, S100 calcium binding protein, beta (neural); complete cds, incl. stopcodon P
BC001766.1 Homo sapiens S100 calcium binding protein B, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:1323 IMAGE:3543825), complete cds PA
BC041935.1 Homo sapiens S100 calcium binding protein, beta (neural), mRNA (cDNA clone IMAGE:5300855) A

EST sequences (385)

AI039609.1 Clone IMAGE:1657660 embryonic tissue 3' read
AI051388.1 Clone IMAGE:1658832 embryonic tissue 3' read A
AI096963.1 Clone IMAGE:1702743 brain 3' read
CB054226.1 Clone IMAGE:3291222 brain 3' read A
CB054227.1 Clone IMAGE:3291222 brain 5' read P
CB054676.1 Clone IMAGE:3291768 brain 3' read P
CB054677.1 Clone IMAGE:3291768 brain 5' read P
AI150876.1 Clone IMAGE:1705309 heart 3' read P
AA905376.1 Clone IMAGE:1506921 mixed 3' read
AI339135.1 Clone IMAGE:1947578 uncharacterized tissue 3' read A
AI391682.1 Clone IMAGE:2019581 brain 3' read
AI459281.1 Clone IMAGE:2150750 lung 3' read P
AI474987.1 Clone IMAGE:2162619 brain 3' read
AI632522.1 Clone IMAGE:2305238 uncharacterized tissue 3' read
AI657023.1 Clone IMAGE:2244091 uncharacterized tissue 3' read A
AI670985.1 Clone IMAGE:2305470 uncharacterized tissue 3' read
AI684756.1 Clone IMAGE:2303010 mixed 3' read A
AI690125.1 Clone IMAGE:2271333 lung 3' read P
AI801842.1 Clone IMAGE:2254651 prostate 3' read A
CB266305.1 adipose tissue 5' read P
BX281967.1 Clone IMAGp998G1012206_;_IMAGE:5528865 skin P
AI818143.1 Clone IMAGE:2413581 brain 3' read P
AI867729.1 Clone IMAGE:2307872 uncharacterized tissue 3' read A
AI868848.1 Clone IMAGE:2321941 prostate 3' read A
AI953124.1 Clone IMAGE:2474730 uncharacterized tissue 3' read
AI962253.1 Clone IMAGE:2474288 uncharacterized tissue 3' read P
CD172282.1 Clone IMAGE:30375942 brain 5' read P
CD245191.1 Clone IMAGE:30376075 brain 5' read P
AI969471.1 Clone IMAGE:2563105 skin 3' read A
CD300759.1 Clone IMAGE:30375438 brain 5' read P
AW003225.1 Clone IMAGE:2476034 uncharacterized tissue 3' read P
AW020222.1 Clone IMAGE:2482551 ear 5' read
AW020642.2 Clone IMAGE:2483041 ear 5' read
AW020989.1 Clone IMAGE:2483738 ear 5' read A
AW022338.1 Clone IMAGE:2485534 ear 5' read A
AW022518.1 Clone IMAGE:2486021 ear 5' read A
AW022978.1 Clone IMAGE:2486621 ear 5' read
CD675677.1 Clone fs26e05 eye 5' read P
CD676938.1 Clone ho08f11 eye 5' read P
AW137786.1 Clone IMAGE:2717046 mixed 3' read A
AW182869.1 Clone IMAGE:2662051 mixed 3' read A
AW196467.1 Clone IMAGE:2686057 uncharacterized tissue 3' read A
AW206399.1 Clone IMAGE:2721726 mixed 3' read A
AW206771.1 Clone IMAGE:2722714 mixed 3' read A
AW235777.1 Clone IMAGE:2687175 uncharacterized tissue 3' read
CK001731.1 Clone IMAGE:30718032 spinal cord 5' read
CD622292.1 uncharacterized tissue P
CD622293.1 uncharacterized tissue P
AW590855.1 Clone IMAGE:2949041 uncharacterized tissue 3' read A
CK823902.1 Clone IMAGE:5634474 pancreas 5' read P
AW888697.1 brain
CN479688.1 Clone UI-H-EU0-azp-l-12-0-UI connective tissue 3' read A
AW949406.1 uncharacterized tissue P
L25198.1 Clone 21ES0112 brain
H18130.1 Clone IMAGE:171533 brain 5' read
BE208697.1 Clone IMAGE:2906225 skin 3' read A
CV025953.1 mixed 5' read P
H23857.1 Clone IMAGE:173883 brain 5' read
BE275884.1 Clone IMAGE:3345720 skin 5' read P
BE276927.1 Clone IMAGE:3543825 skin 5' read P
BP349776.1 Clone SZR06033 brain 5' read
BE384402.1 Clone IMAGE:3618534 skin 5' read P
BE385545.1 Clone IMAGE:3618885 skin 5' read P
BE385637.1 Clone IMAGE:3618734 skin 5' read P
BE385887.1 Clone IMAGE:3617079 skin 5' read P
BE387287.1 Clone IMAGE:3616558 skin 5' read P
BE387305.1 Clone IMAGE:3616703 skin 5' read P
BE388586.1 Clone IMAGE:3603838 uterus 5' read P
BE388600.1 Clone IMAGE:3605594 uterus 5' read A
BE388812.1 Clone IMAGE:3606154 uterus 5' read P
BE389779.1 Clone IMAGE:3604766 uterus 5' read
BE389810.1 Clone IMAGE:3606217 uterus 5' read P
BE389941.1 Clone IMAGE:3604434 uterus 5' read
BE390031.1 Clone IMAGE:3607155 uterus 5' read P
BE390126.1 Clone IMAGE:3607588 uterus 5' read P
BE408136.1 Clone IMAGE:3637571 placenta 5' read P
BE408971.1 Clone IMAGE:3638395 placenta 5' read P
BE465410.1 Clone IMAGE:3183037 lung 3' read
BE502911.1 Clone IMAGE:3214364 lung 3' read P
H40162.1 Clone IMAGE:175176 brain 5' read
H41722.1 Clone IMAGE:177175 brain 5' read
BE622244.1 Clone IMAGE:3915916 skin 5' read P
BE645751.1 Clone IMAGE:3288350 prostate 3' read
H44510.1 Clone IMAGE:183641 mammary gland 5' read
BE728610.1 Clone IMAGE:3833640 skin 5' read
BE729221.1 Clone IMAGE:3830459 skin 5' read P
BE733833.1 Clone IMAGE:3844031 placenta 5' read P
BE733899.1 Clone IMAGE:3843161 placenta 5' read P
BE763330.1 brain
BE764682.1 brain
DN993060.1 Clone TC116182 brain 5' read P
BE890820.1 Clone IMAGE:3916337 skin 5' read P
BE891277.1 Clone IMAGE:3917066 skin 5' read P
BE856467.1 Clone IMAGE:3303653 prostate 3' read
AV701741.1 Clone ADBDHC01 adrenal gland 5' read
BF025945.1 Clone IMAGE:3953119 skin 5' read P
BF026016.1 Clone IMAGE:3953503 skin 5' read P
BF026922.1 Clone IMAGE:3953932 skin 5' read
BF027332.1 Clone IMAGE:3954317 skin 5' read
T28099.1 brain 5' read P
AV714592.1 Clone DCBCGF09 uncharacterized tissue 5' read P
AV715742.1 Clone DCBBOC01 uncharacterized tissue 5' read
AV716345.2 Clone DCBBOE02 uncharacterized tissue 5' read P
AV728996.1 Clone HTCALG01 brain 5' read A
AV730312.1 Clone HTFBEE01 brain 5' read
AV733870.1 Clone cdAASG04 adrenal gland 5' read P
AV734530.1 Clone cdAAOB04 adrenal gland 5' read P
AV734593.1 Clone cdAAFH11 adrenal gland 5' read P
BF125012.1 Clone IMAGE:4025035 skin 5' read
BF125166.1 Clone IMAGE:4025693 skin 5' read P
BF125871.1 Clone IMAGE:4026067 skin 5' read P
BF196371.1 Clone IMAGE:3569629 ovary 3' read
BF338827.1 Clone IMAGE:4184271 brain 5' read P
BF342873.1 Clone IMAGE:4150766 brain 5' read P
BF445819.1 Clone IMAGE:4091512 nerve 3' read
BF448641.1 Clone IMAGE:3572092 ovary 3' read
DV460232.1 Clone n3107 ear 5' read
DV460683.1 Clone n6078 ear 5' read
DV461004.1 Clone n5758 ear 5' read A
DV461688.1 Clone n5096 ear 5' read A
BF727235.1 Clone by18f08 eye 5' read P
BF057411.1 Clone IMAGE:3478358 ovary 3' read
AV716544.1 Clone DCBBGG04 uncharacterized tissue 5' read
AV716661.1 Clone DCBBOF05 uncharacterized tissue 5' read P
AV717287.1 Clone DCBARF02 uncharacterized tissue 5' read
AV717686.1 Clone DCBAZF11 uncharacterized tissue 5' read P
AV717894.1 Clone DCBBLG04 uncharacterized tissue 5' read
AV725702.1 Clone HTCCBF07 brain 5' read A
BF476774.1 Clone IMAGE:4091619 nerve 3' read
DR978155.1 Clone ID_11584 brain 3' read A
DB310482.1 Clone BRSTN2001511 brain 3' read
BF740278.1 Clone IMAGE:3174398 brain 3' read PA
DB307412.1 Clone BRCOC2014165 brain 3' read
H88018.1 Clone IMAGE:252757 ear 5' read
H88422.1 Clone IMAGE:252853 ear 5' read
BG031571.1 Clone IMAGE:4393994 mammary gland 5' read P
BG032737.1 Clone IMAGE:4392693 mammary gland 5' read P
BG033735.1 Clone IMAGE:4402609 mammary gland 5' read PA
BG036986.1 Clone IMAGE:4374564 brain 5' read P
BF967847.1 Clone IMAGE:4374564 brain 3' read P
BF967793.2 Clone IMAGE:4374607 brain 3' read
BG150090.1 Clone IMAGE:3406949 lung 3' read P
DB499297.1 Clone H033072N08 brain 5' read P
DB499304.1 Clone H033072N16 brain 5' read
DB499944.1 Clone H033075B22 brain 5' read P
DB532018.1 Clone H023016G18 brain 3' read
DB576344.1 Clone H033093P15 brain 3' read P
DB482202.1 Clone H023092O06 brain 5' read P
DB500867.1 Clone H033078G15 brain 5' read P
DB568428.1 Clone H033065J06 brain 3' read
DB568581.1 Clone H033066B13 brain 3' read
DB546892.1 Clone H023078H07 brain 3' read
DB558926.1 Clone H033027H07 brain 3' read
DB558936.1 Clone H033027I01 brain 3' read
DB483425.1 Clone H023097G01 brain 5' read P
DB501866.1 Clone H033081O11 brain 5' read
DB533190.1 Clone H023022E07 brain 3' read
DB547342.1 Clone H023079P19 brain 3' read A
DB558966.1 Clone H033027J22 brain 3' read
DB577535.1 Clone H033098E17 brain 3' read
DB569440.1 Clone H033069F04 brain 3' read
DB547614.1 Clone H023080P08 brain 3' read
DB533887.1 Clone H023025G15 brain 3' read
DB569702.1 Clone H033070E12 brain 3' read P
DB484461.1 Clone H033002J05 brain 5' read P
DB503100.1 Clone H033086J07 brain 5' read P
DB560011.1 Clone H033032D12 brain 3' read
DB560024.1 Clone H033032E09 brain 3' read
DB465392.1 Clone H023016G18 brain 5' read P
DB465468.1 Clone H023016N22 brain 5' read P
DB485309.1 Clone H033006I01 brain 5' read P
DB503633.1 Clone H033088I24 brain 5' read
DB485532.1 Clone H033008G03 brain 5' read
DB485699.1 Clone H033009A10 brain 5' read
DB570421.1 Clone H033072N08 brain 3' read
DB570428.1 Clone H033072N16 brain 3' read
DB466409.1 Clone H023022E07 brain 5' read
DB560614.1 Clone H033034J03 brain 3' read
DB560735.1 Clone H033035A07 brain 3' read
DB466979.1 Clone H023025G15 brain 5' read P
DB505073.1 Clone H033093P15 brain 5' read P
DB561105.1 Clone H033036J02 brain 3' read
DB571091.1 Clone H033075B22 brain 3' read
DB536885.1 Clone H023037I08 brain 3' read
DB562088.1 Clone H033040N11 brain 3' read
DB562159.1 Clone H033041C08 brain 3' read
DB506228.1 Clone H033098E17 brain 5' read P
DB469349.1 Clone H023037I08 brain 5' read P
DB551065.1 Clone H023092O06 brain 3' read
DB562574.1 Clone H033042P03 brain 3' read
DB489420.1 Clone H033027H07 brain 5' read
DB489447.1 Clone H033027J22 brain 5' read P
DB563161.1 Clone H033045J05 brain 3' read
DB490196.1 Clone H033032E09 brain 5' read
DB490361.1 Clone H033034J03 brain 5' read
DB490415.1 Clone H033035A07 brain 5' read
DB573062.1 Clone H033081O11 brain 3' read
DB471280.1 Clone H023051A22 brain 5' read P
DB490759.1 Clone H033036J02 brain 5' read P
DB552345.1 Clone H023097G01 brain 3' read
EB386131.1 Clone nbj12b04 brain 5' read P
EB386681.1 Clone nbj19e08 brain 5' read PA
EB387147.1 Clone nbj25h12 brain 5' read
EB387761.1 Clone nbj35c09 brain 5' read A
DB491568.1 Clone H033040N11 brain 5' read P
DB491780.1 Clone H033042P03 brain 5' read
DB492198.1 Clone H033045J05 brain 5' read P
DB564271.1 Clone H033050J08 brain 3' read
DB553414.1 Clone H033002J05 brain 3' read
DB493194.1 Clone H033050J08 brain 5' read P
DB553612.1 Clone H033003F22 brain 3' read
DB574309.1 Clone H033086J07 brain 3' read
DB493858.1 Clone H033053A06 brain 5' read P
DB564894.1 Clone H033053A06 brain 3' read
DB554458.1 Clone H033007J20 brain 3' read
DB494886.1 Clone H033056H16 brain 5' read P
DB554596.1 Clone H033008G03 brain 3' read
DB494995.1 Clone H033056N09 brain 5' read P
DB495031.1 Clone H033056P06 brain 5' read P
DB495127.1 Clone H033057E17 brain 5' read P
DB495249.1 Clone H033057L11 brain 5' read P
DB574870.1 Clone H033088I24 brain 3' read
DB565932.1 Clone H033056H16 brain 3' read
DB566039.1 Clone H033056N09 brain 3' read
DB566072.1 Clone H033056P06 brain 3' read
DB566172.1 Clone H033057E17 brain 3' read
DB566294.1 Clone H033057L11 brain 3' read
DB478248.1 Clone H023078H07 brain 5' read P
DB478677.1 Clone H023079P19 brain 5' read P
DB497473.1 Clone H033066B13 brain 5' read P
DB478950.1 Clone H023080P08 brain 5' read P
DB498349.1 Clone H033069F04 brain 5' read P
DB498628.1 Clone H033070E12 brain 5' read P
DB531190.1 Clone H023013E10 brain 3' read
BG280732.1 Clone IMAGE:4543612 skin 5' read A
BG281339.1 Clone IMAGE:4544428 skin 5' read P
BG281932.1 Clone IMAGE:4545483 skin 5' read P
BG282042.1 Clone IMAGE:4545061 skin 5' read P
BG282053.1 Clone IMAGE:4545067 skin 5' read
BG272692.1 Clone IMAGE:4233027 pharynx 3' read
BG333699.1 Clone IMAGE:4577184 skin 5' read
BG333746.1 Clone IMAGE:4577532 skin 5' read P
BG334303.1 Clone IMAGE:4578341 skin 5' read P
BG475455.1 Clone IMAGE:4620413 skin 5' read P
BG476980.1 Clone IMAGE:4640763 skin 5' read PA
BG477587.1 Clone IMAGE:4640788 skin 5' read P
BG478285.1 Clone IMAGE:4641431 skin 5' read P
BG478616.1 Clone IMAGE:4643665 skin 5' read P
BG481115.1 Clone IMAGE:4652666 placenta 5' read P
BG573992.1 Clone IMAGE:4704656 mammary gland 5' read P
BG574484.1 Clone IMAGE:4705401 mammary gland 5' read
BG574886.1 Clone IMAGE:4705550 mammary gland 5' read
BG678047.1 Clone IMAGE:4750672 skin 5' read
BG681832.1 Clone IMAGE:4754462 skin 5' read
BG764133.1 Clone IMAGE:4862316 skin 5' read
BG765453.1 Clone IMAGE:4868771 skin 5' read
BG768395.1 Clone IMAGE:4871793 skin 5' read PA
N63335.1 Clone IMAGE:284876 ear 3' read
N66322.1 Clone IMAGE:285320 ear 3' read
BI036031.1 brain
BG703307.1 Clone IMAGE:4817577 brain 5' read
BG704292.1 Clone IMAGE:4820083 brain 5' read P
BG705901.1 Clone IMAGE:4792129 brain 5' read P
BG705906.1 Clone IMAGE:4792131 brain 5' read P
BG706520.1 Clone IMAGE:4792629 brain 5' read P
BG706792.1 Clone IMAGE:4794849 brain 5' read P
BG708272.1 Clone IMAGE:4794358 brain 5' read P
BG708355.1 Clone IMAGE:4795246 brain 5' read PA
BG708410.1 Clone IMAGE:4795049 brain 5' read P
BG708846.1 Clone IMAGE:4796005 brain 5' read P
BG709614.1 Clone IMAGE:4796127 brain 5' read P
BG709620.1 Clone IMAGE:4796129 brain 5' read
BG714060.1 Clone IMAGE:4796947 brain 5' read P
BG714065.1 Clone IMAGE:4796901 brain 5' read P
BG714429.1 Clone IMAGE:4792647 brain 5' read P
BG714612.1 Clone IMAGE:4799313 brain 5' read P
BG716672.1 Clone IMAGE:4801117 brain 5' read
BI457892.1 Clone IMAGE:5277881 brain 5' read P
BI457975.1 Clone IMAGE:5278552 brain 5' read P
BI491266.1 Clone IMAGE:2482551 ear 3' read PA
BI491621.1 Clone IMAGE:2483041 ear 3' read A
BI491948.1 Clone IMAGE:2483738 ear 3' read A
BI492867.1 Clone IMAGE:2484893 ear 3' read A
BI494068.1 Clone IMAGE:2538726 ear 3' read A
BI494069.1 Clone IMAGE:2538726 ear 5' read
BI494751.1 Clone IMAGE:2539107 ear 3' read
BI494752.1 Clone IMAGE:2539107 ear 5' read A
BI495370.1 Clone IMAGE:2539906 ear 3' read A
BI496877.1 Clone IMAGE:2537354 ear 5' read
BI666717.1 Clone IMAGE:5311256 brain 5' read P
BI669281.1 Clone IMAGE:5314593 brain 5' read P
BI670159.1 Clone IMAGE:5313384 brain 5' read
BI598039.1 Clone IMAGE:5299865 brain 5' read P
BI598397.1 Clone IMAGE:5294665 brain 5' read
BI598954.1 Clone IMAGE:5302059 brain 5' read P
BI599324.1 Clone IMAGE:5288992 brain 5' read
BI599864.1 Clone IMAGE:5294618 brain 5' read
BI601490.1 Clone IMAGE:5300851 brain 5' read
BI601502.1 Clone IMAGE:5300855 brain 5' read
BI602630.1 Clone IMAGE:5300294 brain 5' read P
BI545200.1 Clone IMAGE:5258956 brain 5' read P
BI546676.1 Clone IMAGE:5262701 brain 5' read
BI550371.1 Clone IMAGE:5263636 brain 5' read P
BI550869.1 Clone IMAGE:5275267 brain 5' read P
BI551169.1 Clone IMAGE:5275931 brain 5' read
BI553071.1 Clone IMAGE:5275544 brain 5' read P
BI752764.1 Clone IMAGE:5198567 brain 5' read P
BI756271.1 Clone IMAGE:5194713 brain 5' read P
BI759173.1 Clone IMAGE:5182919 mixed 5' read PA
BI855723.1 Clone IMAGE:5392213 mammary gland 5' read P
BI856702.1 Clone IMAGE:5394544 mammary gland 5' read
BI913335.1 Clone IMAGE:5243162 brain 5' read P
BM014038.1 Clone IMAGE:5415526 mammary gland 5' read P
BM014541.1 Clone IMAGE:5416569 mammary gland 5' read A
BM016397.1 Clone IMAGE:5418886 mammary gland 5' read A
BM453773.1 Clone IMAGE:5528865 skin 5' read PA
BM511591.1 Clone IMAGE:5634474 pancreas 3' read PA
BM542119.1 Clone IMAGE:5527303 skin 5' read P
BM666424.1 Clone UI-E-CQ1-aev-c-20-0-UI brain 3' read A
BM670463.1 Clone UI-E-DW1-aha-h-04-0-UI eye 3' read A
BM688586.1 Clone UI-E-CR0-aci-d-12-0-UI eye 5' read P
BM694813.1 Clone UI-E-CI1-afr-b-03-0-UI eye 5' read A
BM695249.1 Clone UI-E-CQ1-aev-c-20-0-UI brain 5' read A
BM700277.1 Clone UI-E-DW1-aha-h-04-0-UI eye 5' read
BM729929.1 Clone IMAGE:5634474 pancreas 5' read P
W57800.1 Clone IMAGE:340930 heart 3' read
W68321.1 Clone IMAGE:342694 heart 3' read A
W68590.1 Clone IMAGE:342569 heart 5' read P
W68591.1 Clone IMAGE:342569 heart 3' read
W69461.1 Clone IMAGE:343611 heart 3' read
W69545.1 Clone IMAGE:343611 heart 5' read
BM904724.1 Clone IMAGE:5557522 skin 5' read PA
BQ008699.1 Clone IMAGE:5840329 connective tissue 3' read PA
BQ012963.1 Clone UI-1-BC1p-ayj-b-08-0-UI placenta 3' read A
W94123.1 Clone IMAGE:357634 heart 3' read A
W94019.1 Clone IMAGE:357634 heart 5' read
W94784.1 Clone IMAGE:358114 heart 3' read
W95300.1 Clone IMAGE:358114 heart 5' read
BQ221484.1 Clone IMAGE:6048344 skin 5' read P
BQ233108.1 Clone IMAGE:6050494 skin 5' read P
BQ335254.1 blood
BQ346330.1 brain
BQ422737.1 Clone IMAGE:6049686 skin 5' read P
BQ435930.1 Clone IMAGE:6047648 skin 5' read P
BQ448026.1 Clone UI-H-EU1-bai-m-13-0-UI connective tissue 3' read A
BQ678278.1 Clone IMAGE:6294080 skin 5' read
BQ678816.1 Clone IMAGE:6263901 skin 5' read P
BQ680243.1 Clone IMAGE:6265561 skin 5' read PA
BQ682618.1 Clone IMAGE:6273442 skin 5' read PA
AA046832.1 Clone IMAGE:376888 heart 5' read P
AA047003.1 Clone IMAGE:376888 heart 3' read
BU160343.1 Clone IMAGE:6149744 skin 5' read P
BU160935.1 Clone IMAGE:6147203 skin 5' read PA
BU172070.1 Clone IMAGE:6148823 skin 5' read PA
BU178595.1 Clone IMAGE:6169493 skin 5' read P
BU198431.1 uncharacterized tissue P
BU198694.1 uncharacterized tissue P
BU157578.1 Clone IMAGE:6253730 skin 5' read PA
BU157709.1 Clone IMAGE:6253819 skin 5' read P
BU162478.1 Clone IMAGE:6088700 skin 5' read PA
BU173756.1 Clone IMAGE:6071486 skin 5' read P
BU173984.1 Clone IMAGE:6110992 skin 5' read P
BU174585.1 Clone IMAGE:6253661 skin 5' read P
BU174598.1 Clone IMAGE:6266728 skin 5' read PA
BU180100.1 Clone IMAGE:6253624 skin 5' read PA
FN137546.1 Clone 214480_0586_2768
BU727133.1 Clone UI-E-CR0-aci-d-12-0-UI eye 3' read A
BU731627.1 Clone UI-E-CI1-afr-b-03-0-UI eye 3' read A
BU784364.1 Clone IMAGE:6124357 pancreas 3' read PA
BU784451.1 Clone IMAGE:6124514 pancreas 3' read PA
BU788030.1 Clone IMAGE:6124357 pancreas 5' read P
BU788121.1 Clone IMAGE:6124514 pancreas 5' read P
CA394614.1 Clone cs53f09 eye 5' read
AA310307.1 blood 5' read
AA317835.1 eye 5' read
AA321682.1 brain 5' read P
AA323417.1 brain 5' read P
AA363992.1 pineal gland 5' read
AA379826.1 skin 5' read P
AA424045.1 Clone IMAGE:759948 embryonic tissue 3' read
AA424102.1 Clone IMAGE:759948 embryonic tissue 5' read P
AA808065.1 Clone IMAGE:1427663 brain 3' read
AA808168.1 Clone IMAGE:1427761 brain 3' read
AA831469.1 Clone IMAGE:1427843 brain 3' read
AA912981.1 Clone IMAGE:1524753 mixed 3' read

Key to Symbols

P Has similarity to known Proteins (after translation)
A Contains a poly-Adenylation signal
S Sequence is a Suboptimal member of this cluster
M Clone is putatively CDS-complete by MGC criteria

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