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UGID:134240     UniGene Hs.21374     Homo sapiens (human)   SNCA
Synuclein, alpha (non A4 component of amyloid precursor) (SNCA)

Human protein-coding gene SNCA. Represented by 292 ESTs from 102 cDNA libraries. Corresponds to 4 reference sequences (different isoforms). [UniGene 134240 - Hs.21374]

Tissues and development stages from this gene's sequences survey gene expression. Links to other NCBI expression resources.
EST Profile: Approximate expression patterns inferred from EST sources.
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GEO Profiles: Experimental gene expression data (Gene Expression Omnibus).
cDNA Sources: brain; connective tissue; mixed; heart; lung; uncharacterized tissue; skin; pancreas; intestine; ear; ovary; testis; uterus; prostate; placenta; blood; embryonic tissue; eye; mammary gland; liver; bladder; nerve; vascular; bone; kidney; adrenal gland
Genomic location specified by transcript mapping, radiation hybrid mapping, genetic mapping or cytogenetic mapping.
Chromosome: 4
Map position: 4q21
UniSTS entry: Chr 4 GDB:593720
UniSTS entry: Chr 4 D4S3159 [Map Viewer]
UniSTS entry: Chr 4 D4S3299
UniSTS entry: Chr 4 SHGC-50183
UniSTS entry: Chr 4 GDB:593735
UniSTS entry: Chr 4 SNCA_s25
UniSTS entry: Chr 4 SHGC-67637 [Map Viewer]
UniSTS entry: Chr 4 RH102522
UniSTS entry: Chr 4 D4S2505E [Map Viewer]
UniSTS entry: PMC153617P2
Sequences representing this gene; mRNAs, ESTs, and gene predictions supported by transcribed sequences.

mRNA sequences (17)

NM_000345.3 Homo sapiens synuclein, alpha (non A4 component of amyloid precursor) (SNCA), transcript variant 1, mRNA PA
NM_007308.2 Homo sapiens synuclein, alpha (non A4 component of amyloid precursor) (SNCA), transcript variant 4, mRNA PA
CR457058.1 Homo sapiens full open reading frame cDNA clone RZPDo834A087D for gene SNCA, synuclein, alpha (non A4 component of amyloid precursor); complete cds, incl. stopcodon P
CR541653.1 Homo sapiens full open reading frame cDNA clone RZPDo834A0827D for gene SNCA, synuclein, alpha (non A4 component of amyloid precursor); complete cds, without stopcodon P
BC108275.1 Homo sapiens synuclein, alpha (non A4 component of amyloid precursor), mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:110988 IMAGE:6147966), complete cds PA
L08850.1 Human AD amyloid mRNA, complete cds P
L36674.1 Human (clone 2-5) synuclein (NACP) mRNA, complete cds P
L36675.1 Human (clone 2-4) synuclein (NACP) mRNA, complete cds P
BC013293.2 Homo sapiens synuclein, alpha (non A4 component of amyloid precursor), mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:3484 IMAGE:3604532), complete cds PA
AY049786.1 Homo sapiens synuclein alpha (SNCA) mRNA, complete cds P
AK290169.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ76529 complete cds, highly similar to Homo sapiens synuclein, alpha (non A4 component of amyloid precursor) (SNCA), transcript variant NACP140, mRNA P
D31839.1 Homo sapiens alternatively spliced mRNA for NACP (precursor of non-A beta component of Alzheimer's disease amyloid), complete cds P
NM_001146055.1 Homo sapiens synuclein, alpha (non A4 component of amyloid precursor) (SNCA), transcript variant 3, mRNA PA
NM_001146054.1 Homo sapiens synuclein, alpha (non A4 component of amyloid precursor) (SNCA), transcript variant 2, mRNA PA
HQ830269.1 Homo sapiens clone asynex1`` synuclein alpha-140 (NACP) mRNA, 5' UTR and partial cds, alternatively spliced P
HQ830268.1 Homo sapiens clone asynex1` synuclein alpha-140 (NACP) mRNA, 5' UTR and partial cds, alternatively spliced P
HQ830267.1 Homo sapiens clone asynex1 synuclein alpha-140 (NACP) mRNA, 5' UTR and partial cds, alternatively spliced P

EST sequences (292)

R16018.1 Clone IMAGE:66473 mixed 5' read
AI033292.1 Clone IMAGE:1652561 mixed 3' read A
AI052682.1 Clone IMAGE:1676438 embryonic tissue 3' read A
R20629.1 Clone IMAGE:26298 brain 3' read A
AI147286.1 Clone IMAGE:1703074 brain 3' read
AI160944.1 Clone IMAGE:1704958 heart 3' read A
BX101850.1 Clone IMAGp998M14139_;_IMAGE:26298 brain A
AI269192.1 Clone IMAGE:1857527 mixed 3' read A
R31354.1 Clone IMAGE:135534 placenta 5' read
AA911019.1 Clone IMAGE:1518456 uncharacterized tissue 3' read
R32856.1 Clone IMAGE:135534 placenta 3' read
AI242447.1 Clone IMAGE:1856623 mixed 3' read
R37173.1 Clone IMAGE:27342 brain 3' read
R39000.1 Clone IMAGE:24991 brain 3' read
AI361980.1 Clone IMAGE:2015306 brain 3' read
AI370690.1 Clone IMAGE:2046597 embryonic tissue 3' read A
AI378179.1 Clone IMAGE:2068845 mixed 3' read A
AI419146.1 Clone IMAGE:2098209 brain 3' read
AI355660.1 Clone IMAGE:1952320 lung 3' read A
T08213.1 Clone HIBBA65 brain 5' read
AI634801.1 Clone IMAGE:2297456 kidney 3' read P
AI668907.1 Clone IMAGE:2313506 prostate 3' read
R56245.1 Clone IMAGE:40764 brain 3' read A
R56327.1 Clone IMAGE:40764 brain 5' read
AI741740.1 Clone IMAGE:2365839 mixed 3' read A
AL036049.1 Clone DKFZp564C1823 brain 5' read
AI815523.1 Clone IMAGE:2517470 brain 5' read
AI815819.1 Clone IMAGE:2517458 brain 3' read A
T11070.1 Clone hbc590 pancreas 5' read
AI918130.1 Clone IMAGE:2166834 brain 3' read A
AI929792.1 Clone IMAGE:2519382 brain 3' read
F01362.1 Clone c-01f05 brain 3' read A
F01363.1 Clone c-01f06 brain 3' read A
AI400487.1 Clone IMAGE:2116015 mixed 3' read
AI879066.1 Clone IMAGE:2518544 brain 5' read P
AI879518.1 Clone IMAGE:2518544 brain 3' read
BX443826.2 Clone CS0DM001YN23 liver 5' read P
BX423129.2 Clone CS0DN004YB02 brain 3' read P
BX423130.2 Clone CS0DN004YB02 brain 5' read P
BX462992.2 Clone CS0DM003YF14 liver 3' read P
BX462993.2 Clone CS0DM003YF14 liver 5' read P
AI985944.1 Clone IMAGE:2493870 uterus 3' read
AW008615.1 Clone IMAGE:2502591 brain 3' read
CD671497.1 Clone fg05b09 eye 3' read A
CD671498.1 Clone fg05b09 eye 5' read P
AL118786.1 Clone DKFZp761C0711 brain 5' read
AW071616.1 Clone IMAGE:2515106 uncharacterized tissue 3' read
AW076031.1 Clone IMAGE:2573398 blood 3' read A
F06981.1 Clone c-1rb08 brain
F07521.1 Clone c-28f08 brain
F03751.1 Clone c-28f08 brain 3' read A
AW156890.1 Clone IMAGE:2783419 brain 3' read
AW157092.1 Clone IMAGE:2783678 brain 3' read A
AW157316.1 Clone IMAGE:2783917 brain 3' read A
AW162075.1 Clone IMAGE:2783419 brain 5' read P
AW163060.1 Clone IMAGE:2783678 brain 5' read
AW163372.1 Clone IMAGE:2783917 brain 5' read
F11169.1 Clone c-2td12 brain
F08836.1 Clone c-2td12 brain 3' read
CF529302.1 Clone UI-1-BC1p-ata-g-11-0-UI placenta 3' read PA
AI909724.1 mammary gland
R66663.1 Clone IMAGE:141246 placenta 5' read
R67383.1 Clone IMAGE:141246 placenta 3' read A
AW498656.1 brain 5' read
AW661742.1 Clone IMAGE:2978592 mixed 3' read
AW793306.1 uterus P
R78091.1 Clone IMAGE:145594 placenta 5' read
BX951568.1 Clone DKFZp781C16152 uncharacterized tissue 5' read
CN272505.1 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CN272506.1 embryonic tissue 5' read P
H08824.1 Clone IMAGE:45086 brain 3' read A
H08908.1 Clone IMAGE:45086 brain 5' read
H10213.1 Clone IMAGE:46607 brain 3' read A
H10267.1 Clone IMAGE:46607 brain 5' read P
AJ708783.1 Clone CMPD03830 heart
CR736451.1 Clone IMAGp998D085692_;_IMAGE:2297431 kidney 5' read
BE389793.1 Clone IMAGE:3604532 uterus 5' read
H29080.1 Clone IMAGE:49811 brain 5' read P
BE550219.1 Clone IMAGE:3231659 lung 3' read A
BE621976.1 Clone IMAGE:3915820 skin 5' read P
BP389708.1 Clone hbt11969 pancreas 3' read
BP391480.1 Clone h-t-246-84 pancreas 3' read
BE790044.1 Clone IMAGE:3883830 lung 5' read P
H47503.1 Clone IMAGE:193174 mixed 5' read
H47504.1 Clone IMAGE:193174 mixed 3' read
DN990100.1 Clone TC115591 brain 5' read P
DN994203.1 Clone TC119919 brain 5' read P
BE894630.1 Clone IMAGE:3918301 skin 5' read P
BE897113.1 Clone IMAGE:3924689 skin 5' read
BP420559.1 Clone HIE03858r intestine 3' read P
BE967083.2 Clone IMAGE:3915820 skin 3' read A
BE967371.1 Clone IMAGE:3932996 brain 5' read
AV734531.1 Clone cdAAOB05 adrenal gland 5' read
AV736043.1 Clone CBDAED12 blood 5' read
AV737775.1 Clone CBDAFC06 blood 5' read
T28735.1 heart 5' read
BF108441.1 Clone IMAGE:3568659 lung 3' read
BY796003.2 Clone HE1062.seq eye 5' read P
BF223318.1 Clone IMAGE:3704256 lung 3' read
H62070.1 Clone IMAGE:236027 ovary 5' read
DA347640.1 Clone BRSSN2009170 brain 5' read P
DA203081.1 Clone BRAWH2008564 brain 5' read P
DA125582.1 Clone BRACE3048343 brain 5' read P
DA348005.1 Clone BRSSN2009667 brain 5' read P
DA317160.1 Clone BRHIP3008299 brain 5' read P
H66914.1 Clone IMAGE:210768 mixed 5' read
BF689702.1 Clone IMAGE:4298498 skin 5' read P
BF690251.1 Clone IMAGE:4298498 skin 3' read P
DA129244.1 Clone BRALZ2000052 brain 5' read
BF692152.1 Clone IMAGE:4333887 skin 5' read
DA256765.1 Clone BRCAN2007932 brain 5' read P
DA151521.1 Clone BRAMY2009551 brain 5' read
DA153823.1 Clone BRAMY2012405 brain 5' read
BF725795.1 Clone bx20b05 eye 5' read P
DA391115.1 Clone BRTHA2028534 brain 5' read P
H70324.1 Clone IMAGE:213616 mixed 5' read
H70325.1 Clone IMAGE:213616 mixed 3' read
DA361757.1 Clone BRSTN2008188 brain 5' read P
DA401254.1 Clone BRTHA3004508 brain 5' read P
DA364862.1 Clone BRSTN2012294 brain 5' read P
AV724842.1 Clone HTBBAC01 brain 5' read P
DA369873.1 Clone BRSTN2018844 brain 5' read P
DA540117.1 Clone FELNG1000140 lung 5' read P
DA807946.1 Clone OCBBF3023718 brain 5' read P
DA714935.1 Clone NT2RI2022065 5' read P
H89129.1 Clone IMAGE:253303 ear 3' read
H89236.1 Clone IMAGE:253303 ear 5' read
BG024039.1 Clone IMAGE:4394750 intestine 5' read P
BF981180.1 Clone IMAGE:4401470 intestine 5' read P
BF981557.1 Clone IMAGE:4400625 intestine 5' read P
BF983556.1 Clone IMAGE:4397840 intestine 5' read
BF984183.1 Clone IMAGE:4398166 intestine 5' read
BF984352.1 Clone IMAGE:4398179 intestine 5' read P
H99694.1 Clone IMAGE:263769 skin 3' read A
N21457.1 Clone IMAGE:265817 skin 3' read A
N22757.1 Clone IMAGE:266628 skin 3' read
DB576833.1 Clone H033095L03 brain 3' read A
DB463328.1 Clone H023004L11 brain 5' read P
DB463486.1 Clone H023005H10 brain 5' read
DB464808.1 Clone H023013C04 brain 5' read
BG055045.1 Clone IMAGE:3441947 brain 3' read
DB534976.1 Clone H023030E13 brain 3' read A
DB466916.1 Clone H023025A11 brain 5' read
DB505554.1 Clone H033095L03 brain 5' read
DB487095.1 Clone H033016H05 brain 5' read P
DB467856.1 Clone H023030E13 brain 5' read
EB385403.1 Clone nbj02c01 brain 5' read P
BG260394.1 Clone IMAGE:4479556 bladder 5' read
DB492600.1 Clone H033047M13 brain 5' read
DB476297.1 Clone H023071C19 brain 5' read P
DB529181.1 Clone H023004L11 brain 3' read
DB529374.1 Clone H023005H10 brain 3' read
DB530911.1 Clone H023011L02 brain 3' read
DB545064.1 Clone H023071C19 brain 3' read A
DB557341.1 Clone H033020E17 brain 3' read
N28256.1 Clone IMAGE:234332 mixed 3' read A
BG403723.1 Clone IMAGE:4526581 bladder 5' read P
BG502345.1 Clone IMAGE:4658142 testis 5' read
N47094.1 Clone IMAGE:280344 brain 3' read A
BG612661.1 Clone IMAGE:4771246 testis 5' read
BG655858.1 pancreas 3' read
BG655934.1 pancreas 5' read P
BG183994.1 connective tissue A
BG185043.1 connective tissue P
BG187531.1 connective tissue P
BG190357.1 connective tissue P
BG190848.1 connective tissue
BG191287.1 connective tissue P
BG191323.1 connective tissue P
BG191324.1 connective tissue P
BG191845.1 connective tissue P
BG192355.1 connective tissue P
BG192898.1 connective tissue P
BG193954.1 connective tissue
BG193955.1 connective tissue P
BG194430.1 connective tissue
BG194810.1 connective tissue P
BG195447.1 connective tissue
BG198467.1 connective tissue P
BG199541.1 connective tissue P
BG199542.1 connective tissue
BG201563.1 connective tissue P
BG202078.1 connective tissue
BG205199.1 connective tissue P
BG206292.1 connective tissue P
N53829.1 Clone IMAGE:248153 mixed 3' read
BG207866.1 connective tissue P
BG208355.1 connective tissue
BG208903.1 connective tissue P
BG208904.1 connective tissue
BG209462.1 connective tissue P
BG210982.1 connective tissue P
BG210983.1 connective tissue P
BG212138.1 connective tissue
BG212139.1 connective tissue P
BG212140.1 connective tissue P
BG217351.1 connective tissue P
BG217887.1 connective tissue P
BG218508.1 connective tissue
BG218903.1 connective tissue P
BG219386.1 connective tissue P
BG219387.1 connective tissue P
BG219905.1 connective tissue P
BG763680.1 Clone IMAGE:4861081 skin 5' read P
N68597.1 Clone IMAGE:294142 mixed 3' read
N72005.1 Clone IMAGE:290894 skin 3' read A
N73325.1 Clone IMAGE:248153 mixed 5' read
EL733393.1 mixed 5' read P
BG942303.1 Clone ax23f03 blood
BG700942.1 Clone IMAGE:4814546 brain 5' read P
BG701026.1 Clone IMAGE:4814505 brain 5' read P
BG702181.1 Clone IMAGE:4816710 brain 5' read P
BG708696.1 Clone IMAGE:4796866 brain 5' read P
BG714648.1 Clone IMAGE:4799325 brain 5' read P
N83633.1 Clone KK1311 heart 5' read
BI522471.1 Clone IMAGE:5239733 brain 5' read P
BI667295.1 Clone IMAGE:5311861 brain 5' read P
BI598643.1 Clone IMAGE:5300256 brain 5' read
EL948173.1 eye 5' read A
BI603314.1 Clone IMAGE:5287266 brain 5' read P
T48654.1 Clone IMAGE:69907 placenta 5' read
BI547929.1 Clone IMAGE:5260784 brain 5' read P
BI550101.1 Clone IMAGE:5264008 brain 5' read P
BI552055.1 Clone IMAGE:5274837 brain 5' read P
BI753605.1 Clone IMAGE:5199163 brain 5' read
BI822884.1 Clone IMAGE:5181436 mixed 5' read P
BI856108.1 Clone IMAGE:5391913 mammary gland 5' read P
BI915712.1 Clone IMAGE:5248273 brain 5' read P
BM069495.1 Clone IMAGE:5674027 pancreas 3' read A
BM069534.1 Clone IMAGE:5673946 pancreas 3' read A
BM069728.1 Clone IMAGE:5674027 pancreas 5' read P
BM069769.1 Clone IMAGE:5673946 pancreas 5' read P
W21278.1 Clone IMAGE:307787 lung 5' read
BM472161.1 Clone IMAGE:5539413 skin 5' read A
BM476271.1 Clone IMAGE:5558874 intestine 5' read A
BM556346.1 Clone IMAGE:5737671 intestine 5' read A
W55986.1 Clone IMAGE:340683 heart 5' read
W56276.1 Clone IMAGE:340683 heart 3' read A
W56712.1 Clone IMAGE:340635 heart 5' read
W56757.1 Clone IMAGE:340635 heart 3' read A
R29481.1 Clone F1-625D liver 5' read
BM802093.1 Clone IMAGE:5559458 intestine 5' read P
W74638.1 Clone IMAGE:346647 heart 3' read
W79784.1 Clone IMAGE:346796 heart 3' read A
BM968085.1 Clone UI-CF-DU1-aaq-j-14-0-UI lung 3' read A
W79585.1 Clone IMAGE:346796 heart 5' read
BQ007495.1 Clone UI-1-BC1-aiw-e-11-0-UI placenta 3' read A
BQ010547.1 Clone UI-1-BC1-aji-e-05-0-UI placenta 3' read A
W94390.1 Clone IMAGE:346647 heart 5' read
BQ214083.1 Clone IMAGE:6056823 lung 5' read P
BQ231032.1 Clone IMAGE:5769611 brain 5' read
BQ231431.1 Clone IMAGE:6064430 skin 5' read P
AA010546.1 Clone IMAGE:359349 heart 5' read
AA010547.1 Clone IMAGE:359349 heart 3' read
AA022690.1 Clone IMAGE:364632 heart 3' read
AA022809.1 Clone IMAGE:364632 heart 5' read
BQ682140.1 Clone IMAGE:6262742 skin 5' read P
BQ723475.1 Clone IMAGE:6188578 nerve 5' read P
BQ901046.1 Clone IMAGE:6192127 nerve 5' read P
BU160683.1 Clone IMAGE:6147966 skin 5' read P
C13990.1 Clone 007G03 vascular 3' read A
BU616643.1 Clone UI-H-DF0-ben-j-12-0-UI bone 3' read A
BU616657.1 Clone UI-H-DF0-ben-n-20-0-UI bone 3' read A
BU657256.1 Clone cl22a02 blood 5' read P
BU662312.1 Clone cl84c09 blood 5' read P
BU656941.1 Clone cl18b04 blood 5' read
BU934925.1 Clone IMAGE:6701857 mixed 5' read
AA258608.1 Clone IMAGE:667794 mixed 3' read
AA258686.1 Clone IMAGE:667794 mixed 5' read P
HY008516.1 Clone H04D028P05 testis P
HY192496.1 Clone H04D028P05 testis
CA434116.1 Clone UI-H-DF0-arp-g-06-0-UI bone 3' read A
CA489014.1 Clone IMAGE:6721248 mixed 5' read
AA319774.1 adrenal gland 5' read P
AA328063.1 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CA772053.1 Clone IMAGE:6133924 pancreas 3' read
CA772343.1 Clone IMAGE:6133924 pancreas 5' read P
CA774861.1 Clone IMAGE:6216723 pancreas 3' read A
CA840988.1 Clone IMAGE:6219021 pancreas 3' read
CA841249.1 Clone IMAGE:6219021 pancreas 5' read
CA847774.1 Clone IMAGE: pancreas 3' read A
CA848046.1 Clone IMAGE: pancreas 5' read P
T83410.1 Clone IMAGE:111088 mixed 5' read
AA455057.1 Clone IMAGE:812253 mixed 3' read A
AA455067.1 Clone IMAGE:812276 mixed 3' read A
AA460987.1 Clone IMAGE:796149 embryonic tissue 3' read
AA461294.1 Clone IMAGE:796149 embryonic tissue 5' read
AA670294.1 Clone IMAGE:878308 brain 3' read A
AA709091.1 Clone IMAGE:384829 heart 3' read A
AA778273.1 Clone IMAGE:379915 heart 3' read A
AA778274.1 Clone IMAGE:379919 heart 3' read A
R13508.1 Clone IMAGE:26298 brain 5' read

Key to Symbols

P Has similarity to known Proteins (after translation)
A Contains a poly-Adenylation signal
S Sequence is a Suboptimal member of this cluster
M Clone is putatively CDS-complete by MGC criteria

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