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UGID:133034     UniGene Hs.12929     Homo sapiens (human)   C17orf80
Chromosome 17 open reading frame 80 (C17orf80)

Human protein-coding gene C17orf80. Represented by 205 ESTs from 122 cDNA libraries. Corresponds to 3 reference sequences (different isoforms). [UniGene 133034 - Hs.12929]

Comparison of cluster transcripts with RefSeq proteins. The alignments can suggest function of the cluster.
Best Hits and Hits from model organismsSpeciesId(%)Len(aa)
NP_060411.2 C17orf80 gene product H. sapiens 100.0 608
NP_808445.2 D11Wsu47e gene product M. musculus 53.4 552
Other hits (2 of 9) [Show all]SpeciesId(%)Len(aa)
NP_001238777.1 lung cancer-related protein 8 P. troglodytes 99.2 608
XP_001087438.2 PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein C17orf80-like isoform 1 M. mulatta 94.6 573

Tissues and development stages from this gene's sequences survey gene expression. Links to other NCBI expression resources.
EST Profile: Approximate expression patterns inferred from EST sources.
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GEO Profiles: Experimental gene expression data (Gene Expression Omnibus).
cDNA Sources: brain; testis; embryonic tissue; mixed; uncharacterized tissue; uterus; kidney; mouth; mammary gland; eye; intestine; heart; larynx; skin; pancreas; lymph node; liver; placenta; bone; salivary gland; ovary; thymus; tonsil; prostate; cervix; trachea; parathyroid; lung; thyroid; ascites; stomach; muscle; connective tissue; ganglia
Genomic location specified by transcript mapping, radiation hybrid mapping, genetic mapping or cytogenetic mapping.
Chromosome: 17
Map position: 17q25.1
UniSTS entry: Chr 17 RH36218 [Map Viewer]
UniSTS entry: Chr 17 G20831
UniSTS entry: Chr 17 A006I05
Sequences representing this gene; mRNAs, ESTs, and gene predictions supported by transcribed sequences.

mRNA sequences (11)

AY163812.1 Homo sapiens HLC-8 mRNA, complete cds PA
AK000728.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ20721 fis, clone HEP15722 P
AY239293.1 Homo sapiens migration-inducing protein 3 mRNA, complete cds PA
NM_017941.4 Homo sapiens chromosome 17 open reading frame 80 (C17orf80), transcript variant 1, mRNA PA
AK027166.1 Homo sapiens cDNA: FLJ23513 fis, clone LNG03869 PA
AL136740.1 Homo sapiens mRNA; cDNA DKFZp434E1711 (from clone DKFZp434E1711) PA
BC005005.2 Homo sapiens chromosome 17 open reading frame 80, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:1012 IMAGE:3544728), complete cds PA
NM_001100622.1 Homo sapiens chromosome 17 open reading frame 80 (C17orf80), transcript variant 3, mRNA PA
NM_001100621.1 Homo sapiens chromosome 17 open reading frame 80 (C17orf80), transcript variant 2, mRNA PA
AK292838.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ75472 complete cds PA
AK301905.1 Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ58703 complete cds, highly similar to Homo sapiens lung cancer-related protein 8 (HLC-8), mRNA PA

EST sequences (205)

R14270.1 Clone IMAGE:28438 brain 5' read
AI002160.1 Clone IMAGE:1619494 testis 3' read A
AA908931.1 Clone IMAGE:1537459 ganglia 3' read A
AA926847.1 Clone IMAGE:1540323 mixed 3' read A
AI015311.1 Clone IMAGE:1618739 testis 3' read A
AI024549.1 Clone IMAGE:1639634 testis 3' read
AI028640.1 Clone IMAGE:1644672 testis 3' read A
AA922022.1 Clone IMAGE:1543597 mixed 3' read A
R20469.1 Clone IMAGE:35521 brain 5' read
AA923117.1 Clone IMAGE:1521352 lung 3' read A
BX097211.1 Clone IMAGp998F014173_;_IMAGE:1644672 testis P
CB155936.1 Clone L17N670205n1-1-D09 liver 5' read
CB164587.1 Clone L17N670205n1-40-A03 liver 5' read
CB134766.1 Clone L5HLK1-31-H02 liver 5' read
AI277508.1 Clone IMAGE:1880198 mixed 3' read
AI279971.1 Clone IMAGE:1854247 mixed 3' read A
AI358879.1 Clone IMAGE:2012928 brain 3' read A
CB218536.1 Clone IMAGE:5795694 bone 3' read
R45287.1 Clone IMAGE:35521 brain 3' read A
R59483.1 Clone IMAGE:38036 brain 5' read
R59484.1 Clone IMAGE:38036 brain 3' read A
AI827011.1 Clone IMAGE:2421020 pancreas 3' read A
AI910475.1 Clone IMAGE:2391863 intestine 3' read P
AI914505.1 Clone IMAGE:2362547 mixed 3' read
CD109760.1 Clone IMAGE:30347091 placenta 5' read P
CB994443.1 Clone IMAGE:30339020 placenta 5' read P
CB996485.1 Clone IMAGE:30339408 placenta 5' read P
BX376600.2 Clone CS0DD002YE24 uncharacterized tissue 5' read P
BX389454.2 Clone CS0DD002YE24 uncharacterized tissue 5' read P
BX392154.1 Clone CS0DC007YJ18 uncharacterized tissue 3' read A
BX332124.2 Clone CS0DC007YJ18 uncharacterized tissue 5' read P
BX348208.1 Clone CS0DC007YJ18 uncharacterized tissue 5' read
AI955466.1 Clone IMAGE:2508955 uterus 3' read A
CD644373.1 Clone IMAGE:30424390 embryonic tissue 5' read P
BX499922.1 Clone DKFZp779E2252 liver 5' read P
AW195623.1 Clone IMAGE:2701213 mixed 3' read A
BP429632.1 Clone LEU1570_24_C7
F12157.1 Clone c-36d10 brain
F09792.1 Clone c-36d10 brain 3' read A
F12632.1 Clone c-3cd06 brain
F10249.1 Clone c-3cd06 brain 3' read A
AW473463.1 Clone IMAGE:2853279 uterus 3' read A
AW500588.1 Clone IMAGE:3077305 lymph node 5' read P
AW503253.1 Clone IMAGE:3078195 lymph node 5' read P
AW576319.1 Clone IMAGE:3077305 lymph node 3' read A
BX955928.1 Clone DKFZp781M0274 uncharacterized tissue 5' read P
CN285278.1 embryonic tissue 5' read A
AW964269.1 uncharacterized tissue P
CN427706.1 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CN427707.1 embryonic tissue 5' read
AW975440.1 uncharacterized tissue A
BE170863.1 thyroid P
H20030.1 Clone IMAGE:172357 brain 3' read
BE221192.1 Clone IMAGE:3178994 lung 3' read
CV025968.1 mixed 5' read P
BE272800.1 Clone IMAGE:3544728 kidney 5' read
BP333170.1 Clone SLV01840 salivary gland 5' read P
BE328463.1 Clone IMAGE:3145240 kidney 3' read A
BP379158.1 Clone WMD04831 uterus 5' read P
BE391013.1 Clone IMAGE:3607397 uterus 5' read
BE391868.1 Clone IMAGE:3605351 uterus 5' read P
CV810628.1 Clone IMAGE:7503148 embryonic tissue 5' read P
AV660582.1 Clone GLCGJB11 liver 3' read P
BE698769.1 uterus
CX752298.1 Clone IMAGE:7782235 embryonic tissue 5' read P
CX753028.1 Clone IMAGE:7779165 embryonic tissue 5' read
BP396295.1 Clone hbt09502 pancreas 3' read
BE765644.1 brain
H41163.1 Clone IMAGE:192231 mixed 3' read A
DN601684.1 Clone IMAGE:7482416 embryonic tissue 5' read
BE880514.1 Clone IMAGE:3893184 lung 5' read
BE883983.1 Clone IMAGE:3912025 uterus 5' read P
DN995531.1 Clone TC113858 mammary gland 5' read P
BF090091.1 brain
BF090105.1 brain
BY796927.2 Clone HE1986.seq eye 5' read P
H53737.1 Clone IMAGE:236133 ovary 3' read
BF344846.1 Clone IMAGE:4149969 brain 5' read
BF356376.1 larynx
AA722641.1 Clone IMAGE:409848 heart 3' read A
DA284249.1 Clone BRCOC2014189 brain 5' read P
DA215292.1 Clone BRAWH3005616 brain 5' read P
DA613141.1 Clone IMR322011707 brain 5' read P
AW607949.1 thyroid
AW612891.1 Clone IMAGE:2957340 intestine 3' read A
DA495549.1 Clone FCBBF3008152 brain 5' read P
DB040369.1 Clone TESTI2027168 testis 5' read P
DB034826.1 Clone TESTI2020014 testis 5' read P
DA764466.1 Clone NTONG2005004 mouth 5' read P
DA727082.1 Clone NT2RI3009235 testis 5' read P
DA780276.1 Clone OCBBF2015433 brain 5' read P
DA768137.1 Clone OCBBF1000364 brain 5' read P
DB039712.1 Clone TESTI2026312 testis 5' read P
BF570718.1 Clone IMAGE:4242820 skin 5' read
DB303299.1 Clone BRAMY3010515 brain 3' read A
DB155471.1 Clone THYMU3033799 thymus 5' read P
DB087427.1 Clone TESTI4035345 testis 5' read P
DB159684.1 Clone THYMU3039559 thymus 5' read
DB137699.1 Clone THYMU3009583 thymus 5' read P
DB178302.1 Clone TKIDN2015429 kidney 5' read P
DB151580.1 Clone THYMU3028544 thymus 5' read P
H94250.1 Clone IMAGE:242674 mixed 3' read A
BG005743.1 placenta
BF957307.1 brain
BF957308.1 brain
DB516840.1 Clone H013053B22 testis 3' read PA
DB444353.1 Clone H013014I09 testis 5' read
DB445545.1 Clone H013020L22 testis 5' read
DB446181.1 Clone H013024A06 testis 5' read P
DB451363.1 Clone H013053B22 testis 5' read P
DB510542.1 Clone H013020L22 testis 3' read A
DB511272.1 Clone H013024A06 testis 3' read A
DB479740.1 Clone H023083N09 brain 5' read
BG324164.1 Clone IMAGE:4561325 kidney 5' read P
N36542.1 Clone IMAGE:268551 skin 5' read
BG341658.1 Clone IMAGE:4576027 tonsil 5' read
BG419690.1 Clone IMAGE:4590555 kidney 5' read P
EC506748.1 prostate
EC536771.1 prostate
D81000.1 Clone GEN-122G05 brain 5' read P
BG475657.1 Clone IMAGE:4639177 skin 5' read P
DT220543.1 brain
N47241.1 Clone IMAGE:280461 brain 5' read
N47242.1 Clone IMAGE:280461 brain 3' read A
BG779120.1 Clone IMAGE:4805865 prostate 5' read P
BG754800.1 Clone IMAGE:4854571 tonsil 5' read PA
BG771871.1 Clone IMAGE:4837264 testis 5' read P
BG772402.1 Clone IMAGE:4839295 testis 5' read P
BG832332.1 Clone IMAGE:4907344 pancreas 5' read P
BG696157.1 Clone IMAGE:4802273 skin 5' read
BI223196.1 Clone IMAGE:5104507 cervix 5' read P
DC347597.1 Clone CTONG3001554 mouth 5' read P
DC333514.1 Clone BRHIP3012985 brain 5' read P
DC308539.1 Clone BRACE3024958 brain 5' read P
DC415860.1 Clone TRACH3006007 trachea 5' read P
DC307011.1 Clone BRACE3007180 brain 5' read P
DC345723.1 Clone CTONG2004929 mouth 5' read P
BI438313.1 pancreas 5' read
DC396009.1 Clone TESTI2013995 testis 5' read
DC397286.1 Clone TESTI2027144 testis 5' read P
DC398929.1 Clone TESTI2043402 testis 5' read P
DC377757.1 Clone OCBBF3024318 brain 5' read P
DC424017.1 Clone UTERU3023453 uterus 5' read P
DC372573.1 Clone NT2RP8005917 testis 5' read P
DC344172.1 Clone BRTHA3025213 brain 5' read
DC357642.1 Clone HHDPC2003321 skin 5' read P
BI520455.1 Clone IMAGE:5163731 brain 5' read P
BI752168.1 Clone IMAGE:5192963 brain 5' read P
W04560.1 Clone IMAGE:320197 parathyroid 3' read A
BM449734.1 Clone IMAGE:5528442 skin 5' read P
BM475559.1 Clone IMAGE:5575578 uncharacterized tissue 5' read P
W31422.1 Clone IMAGE:320199 parathyroid 5' read
W37575.1 Clone IMAGE:321893 parathyroid 5' read
BM698600.1 Clone UI-E-DX0-agr-g-22-0-UI eye 5' read
BM754888.1 Clone S11SNU1-12-E06 ascites 5' read
BM770527.1 Clone S6SNU620s1-16-C07 ascites 5' read
W63701.1 Clone IMAGE:326611 parathyroid 5' read
BM850316.1 Clone S14K402-32-C12 stomach 5' read
W72290.1 Clone IMAGE:345026 heart 3' read A
W76316.1 Clone IMAGE:345026 heart 5' read P
AL705758.1 Clone DKFZp686K0437 muscle 5' read P
BQ002020.1 Clone IMAGE:5822894 connective tissue 3' read A
W88776.1 Clone IMAGE:417772 mixed 5' read
BQ018309.1 Clone IMAGE:5892845 connective tissue 3' read A
BQ226447.1 Clone IMAGE:6052479 uncharacterized tissue 5' read
BQ310223.1 mammary gland P
BQ310295.1 mammary gland P
BQ310297.1 mammary gland P
BQ310331.1 mammary gland P
BQ339925.1 brain
BQ340491.1 brain
BQ340492.1 brain
AA053928.1 Clone IMAGE:364813 heart 3' read A
BU163894.1 Clone IMAGE:6141856 eye 5' read P
BU176299.1 Clone IMAGE:6137980 eye 5' read P
BU193054.1 Clone IMAGE:6140663 eye 5' read P
BU182735.1 Clone IMAGE:6156966 skin 5' read P
BU194891.1 Clone IMAGE:6162799 skin 5' read P
BU184218.1 Clone IMAGE:6173236 uterus 5' read P
BU527247.1 Clone IMAGE:6537025 lung 5' read
AA080882.1 Clone IMAGE:546510 testis 5' read
FN107887.1 Clone 139390_1497_2784
FN086304.1 Clone 079832_0155_0408
AA189089.1 Clone IMAGE:632658 testis 3' read A
BU736238.1 Clone UI-E-DX0-agr-g-22-0-UI eye 3' read A
BU788930.1 Clone IMAGE:6128540 pancreas 3' read A
BU789186.1 Clone IMAGE:6128540 pancreas 5' read
HY029349.1 Clone H04D101I11 testis P
HY034096.1 Clone H04D117N14 testis
HY037740.1 Clone H04D131M09 testis
HY055394.1 Clone H04D196B17 testis
AA280777.1 Clone IMAGE:711495 lymph node 5' read
CA423057.1 Clone UI-H-FL0-bdk-f-12-0-UI bone 3' read A
CA430660.1 Clone UI-H-FL1-bgb-f-23-0-UI bone 3' read A
AA295241.1 pancreas 5' read P
AA308552.1 intestine 5' read P
T66321.1 Clone IMAGE:21995 brain 3' read
T66388.1 Clone IMAGE:21995 brain 5' read
T74464.1 Clone IMAGE:22631 brain 5' read
AA334979.1 embryonic tissue 5' read
AA400592.1 Clone IMAGE:743322 testis 3' read A
AA648945.1 Clone IMAGE:1185164 lymph node 3' read A
AA721495.1 Clone IMAGE:1233644 bone
AA767378.1 Clone IMAGE:1301907 lymph node 3' read A
AA767380.1 Clone IMAGE:1301911 lymph node 3' read A

Key to Symbols

P Has similarity to known Proteins (after translation)
A Contains a poly-Adenylation signal
S Sequence is a Suboptimal member of this cluster
M Clone is putatively CDS-complete by MGC criteria

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