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UGID:140095     UniGene Hs.77432     Homo sapiens (human)  
UniGene entry Hs.77432 has been retired

Human gene. [UniGene 140095 - Hs.77432]

The most recent clusters for the sequences previously in this entry are as follows:
Current entry Sequence(s)
Hs.488293 AA974707, AI025803, CB044305, CB044304, BX100168, AI217671, T06741, CB160831, AA904153, AI239636, R33628, R33740, R35776, AI301620, AI301624, AI350359, AI391627, AI391711, AI419424, AI478809, R52929, R53709, AI554567, AI657150, F32687, AI701923, AI740805, AI744605, AI761585, AI769602, CB268886, CB269761, AI831363, AI858079, AI918180, F01059, AI935313, AL041799, CB988394, CB988966, CB989606, CD109792, CB997578, BX359300, BX373239, BX378635, BX390427, BX476175, AW138053, AW149407, AW149596, AW157070, AW157320, AW163038, AW163375, AW167396, AI903126, CF593740, CF593979, AW262127, AW268670, AW276506, NM_005228, AW293254, AW295229, CF786111, AW362543, AW380219, CF994830, CK001003, AW510767, CD620064, CD620065, CD620066, CD620063, AW514421, NM_201284, NM_201283, NM_201282, AW769731, R77273, R77324, R80358, R80402, R81037, R82338, R82385, H00260, H01106, H01107, H02836, H02945, H03729, BC070081, CN289873, CN289874, CN289875, BE003251, BE142891, K03193, BE168669, BE183071, AY698024, AY698023, BE260467, BE262509, BE315382, BE272152, BP254719, BP320759, BP355177, BP358679, BP255451, BP256444, BP269884, BP276096, BP286492, BE327106, BP337419, CV375869, H45456, H45550, BE709684, BE732282, BE740357, BE742045, BE744284, BE745530, BE746257, BE747584, BE763130, R90844, R90865, R91384, R92639, BE930345, D59162, BF086364, AU137334, T29409, BF341671, BF347824, BF348302, H58355, H58744, H59515, H60389, BF727163, BF056131, BF058287, AU139492, AU139598, AU140000, AU140207, AU140518, AU158361, AU158531, BF530662, H80438, H83968, H83969, BF765973, H86405, BF809927, BF844939, BF999347, BG002478, BG002495, BG002991, BG004790, BG005081, BG005192, BG005213, BG005250, BG006329, BG006584, BG007471, BG009535, BG009544, BG009552, BG009555, BG009560, BG009561, BG011023, BG011030, BG011038, BG011046, BG012454, BF985692, BF989329, BF989577, BF989596, BF992436, BF992574, BF935158, BF915093, BF917956, BG149425, BG287839, AF277897, AF125253, BG419492, D78913, AU099322, BG571775, T39329, T39335, T39469, BG750278, BI085510, BI085992, BI039606, BI040883, BI052737, BG987255, AL601060, BI769878, X00588, BM695834, BM703536, W48712, W48713, BM715282, BM742695, BM750672, BM753994, BM783418, BM830628, BM832712, BM834701, W78128, W79415, AL700870, AL700927, BQ019748, BQ308064, BQ308565, BQ309117, AA019588, BQ367441, AA026175, BQ575631, BQ896741, C17930, X00663, AA100216, AA112918, BU622138, U48722, AA078006, AA078668, AA228011, AA228049, AA236408, AA236409, AA234715, AA234783, CA438692, U95089, T84221, AA489319, AA503633, AA554836, AA558349, AA579316, AA587386, T96133, AA652758, AA677773, AA701271, AA702764, AA705706, AA776320
Hs.522074 BM707807
Hs.605083 AI051773, AI074153, AI141951, CB053454, CB053453, AI086535, BX108964, CB162162, CB162728, CB158894, CB117538, CB116091, CB120294, CB135347, CB131985, AI278317, AA922419, R34088, R34089, AI309298, AI336141, T07749, AI417511, AI458897, AI458217, AI468371, AI493193, AI557208, AI568922, AI658629, T10621, AI758454, AI804481, AL040990, CB270484, AI828802, AI831554, AI885100, AI924491, CB999872, AI950585, CB854177, AI953310, AI972759, CD358831, BX507091, CD671692, CD709146, AW193450, AW261962, AW264747, AW264929, AW268546, AW269522, AW273613, AW273662, AW276185, AW276649, AW294791, AW297004, AW341153, R62529, R62530, AW390476, R66790, R67894, AW510929, AW514420, AW571909, AW571977, CK429563, AW592418, AW664842, R76204, R77271, R77322, R77446, R77539, R79174, R79278, R79548, R79549, R79942, AW842535, AW842545, AW842560, R80034, H00871, H00872, H01270, H03197, H03996, CN361259, AW962570, AW974793, BE042573, BE077123, BE139052, BE166025, CR738520, BE326930, H43046, BE716884, BE716905, BE716906, BE716942, BE716945, BE716956, BE770813, BE825877, BE840715, BE878463, BE929218, BE929229, BE929299, BF027895, R99915, AK026818, BF219112, H56059, BF338995, BF339248, BF343269, BF348005, H57526, H57527, BF354654, H59901, H59902, BF372751, AA723540, AW304203, H75538, AU158554, BF531061, T32153, BF748965, BG010718, BF989634, BF992064, BF995649, BF910580, BG163819, BG163827, BG169533, BG171546, BG149665, BG260236, BG230548, BG291635, BG419484, N41053, N45668, N47140, N48910, BG570698, BG570936, BG611929, BG619090, BG620311, BG621762, BG621779, BG622773, BG623115, BG676616, BG676803, BG678762, N71453, BI049427, BI050096, AL598566, N99502, BI870446, W03713, BM544504, BM746312, BM768072, BM781782, BM794678, BM798605, W67559, W67607, BM843413, BM846087, BM847491, BM848334, BM982318, BQ015386, W92819, W92896, BQ020090, BQ292417, BQ300418, BQ300426, BQ351468, BQ351821, BQ370304, BQ574530, BQ637472, BQ695098, BE607415, BU185531, U51732, T58652, AA136611, AA136743, BU580561, BU581017, BU607880, BU687684, BU929319, CA391889, CA432352, CA436447, CA446153, CA446345, AA301710, AA333063, AA367955, CA944954, T82902, T83456, T84101, AA418259, AA418362, M78512, T86445, AA503335, T90083, AA627225, AA652786, AA665552, AA635513, AA676379, AA705654, R06465, AA772214, AA776546, T04907, AA843536, AA873091
Hs.609934 AW298700
Hs.623546 CA438165
Hs.659347 BM987548
Hs.659788 BI763855
Hs.667444 AI189550
Hs.674744 AW452810
Hs.674961 AW590199, BG222177
Hs.675111 AW665045, AW779088
Hs.682783 BQ022551
Hs.708569 AI433161, AI582852, AW044363, AW275823
Hs.708772 AA904331, AI351427, BE818800, BE818803, BE818811, BE818812, BE818814, BE818822, BE818827, BE818829, BE818830, BE818832, BE818836, BE818843, BE818844, BE818851, BE818857, BE818860, BE818864, BE818867, BE818882, BE818883, BE818884, BE838541, BE838546, BE838560, BE838563, BE838566, BE838567, BE838570, BE838572, BE838579, BE838581, BF086782, BF432992, BF749417, BF985995, BG222223, BM968694, AA026089, AA228811
Hs.720489 BX371759, C17105
Hs.731652 AI148326, AI700517, AW367639, AW367669, AW450657, CN481936, CN369783, CN369784, CV310359, BE551674, BF108565, BF369582, BF369593, BF369595, H80439, BG003561, BG003570, BI051798, BI053010, BQ018947, D45728, AA233603, AA233604, CA424835, AA463742
NO LONGER IN UNIGENE AI248034, R35665, CN288069, BE061099, CV359862, CV408502, CV409612, CV409613, CV409618, BF360967, BF368898, BF369392, BF850385, H82215, H82309, BG004048, BG005277, BG014090, BF990302, BF992659, BF993376, BF879840, D78987, BI062361, W80363, AA001712, AA001801, AA004947, BF928938, AA677809, AA936882
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