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UGID:167909     UniGene Hs.241567     Homo sapiens (human)  
UniGene entry Hs.241567 has been retired

Human gene. [UniGene 167909 - Hs.241567]

The most recent clusters for the sequences previously in this entry are as follows:
Current entry Sequence(s)
Hs.470412 AA984517, AI073574, AI094305, BX097389, AI185183, AI193353, AI223340, AI198625, CB119034, AI583598, CB988548, CB961009, CB961043, BX334599, BX334600, BX396573, BX396574, BX330908, BX331241, BX365648, BX401362, BX401363, BX420538, BX435507, BC051889, CD367771, AW007869, AW029603, AW043566, AW075829, AW131108, CF136603, AW170152, AW195088, NM_002897, D28482, AW327539, AW327584, AW339988, AW380884, AW381590, R64673, R64674, AW387948, AW387965, AW387969, AW387975, AW387988, AW388131, AW388138, AW388159, AW388198, AW388205, AW388209, R65746, CF994084, AW467823, AW664277, AW665299, AW802296, AW802297, AW809881, AW809989, AW810054, AW810061, AW810124, AW810394, AW810610, AW836557, AW950152, CN278944, CN278974, CN278945, CN278975, CN290395, CN296957, CN296958, CN370519, CN370520, CN399840, AW971087, BE003976, BE173083, NM_016836, BE295718, BE464838, BE466458, BE645428, BE811027, BE811038, BE811072, BE811088, BE811097, BE811100, BE811108, BE842113, BE842115, BE842129, BE842158, BE842164, BE842167, BE842230, BE842252, BE842254, BE842257, BE842272, BE875680, BE877559, BE926756, AU127659, AU127664, AU134477, BF208398, BF309678, BF312447, H58318, BF374575, BF374586, H62273, AW299345, AW609087, AW609097, AW609134, AW609145, AU145273, AU155440, BF434465, BF822540, BF834853, BG029680, BG001497, BG005185, BG014108, BF935807, H99447, H99642, AL517946, BG325179, BG400974, BI023171, BI056284, BG703798, BI252340, BI253010, BC012993, BC012992, BI756630, BI756660, BI828910, BI907869, W16515, BC018951, W21372, BM684048, BM915649, BM978647, AL704230, BM988755, BQ023139, BQ024961, BQ277567, BQ291719, BQ291720, BQ291721, BQ328660, BQ363922, BQ369422, BQ369696, BQ421048, BQ694000, AA041335, AA045045, AA045046, AA047450, BG314710, BM145004, BQ894173, AA055438, BU166083, AA094164, AA114962, AA114963, X64652, X77494, T63461, T63462, T63612, AA152293, AA150235, BU616915, L11289, AA173697, BU687601, AA237003, AA243039, AA256957, CA442151, AA359259, AA452179, T88850, AA507848, AA516213, AA525803, T93068, T93155, AA564320, T98422, T98480, AA634099, AA634745, AA706858, AA708785, AA775236, R07028, AA778377, R08155, R08210, AA804665, AA883490, AA953117
Hs.639862 BX648906
Hs.654231 BU634411
Hs.657624 AI039386, CB120402, AI203553, AI342170, AL037954, CB267047, AI860525, AI870554, CN399838, CN399835, AV720301, AU155239, BF764131, N31587, N79523, BI856805, BI859737, BM015746, BM564690, BM719678, BM842095, BM843749, BM845596, BQ436796, AA029115, BQ720591, AA055437, AA236628, AA256956, AA913569
NO LONGER IN UNIGENE CB959671, BX445497, CD721888, R79490, CN399836, BE811024, BE811026, BE811036, BE811045, BE811046, BE811048, BE811054, BE811062, BE811064, BE811065, BE811066, BE811069, BE811070, BE811071, BE811073, BE811074, BE811076, BE811079, BE811085, BE811086, BE811087, BE811090, BE811101, BE811104, BE811107, BE811109, BF325603, BF576386, N24433, N36594, N39200, N54047, BI043398, AA029879, BQ720373, AA047507, AA174052, R07072
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