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UGID:154480     UniGene Hs.155281     Homo sapiens (human)  
UniGene entry Hs.155281 has been retired

Human gene. [UniGene 154480 - Hs.155281]

The most recent clusters for the sequences previously in this entry are as follows:
Current entry Sequence(s)
Hs.580351 AA984089, R17190, R17516, AI093546, BX104181, BX119101, BX098880, BX090716, AI185306, AI189278, AI206890, AI218998, CB151490, AI276283, AI240888, AI272656, R37371, AI416967, AI440493, AI470898, AI478643, AI478840, AI568726, R42610, R41741, AI588919, R42992, AI873345, BC051195, CD300243, Z42978, F02453, BX508275, BX508276, BC054052, AK128749, F12743, F10352, AW263657, AW265694, NM_005400, R64683, R64684, AW408529, AW468275, AW474262, AW474613, AW474638, CK299442, AW504136, CD620446, CD620447, AW514358, AW576135, T15704, CK724918, CK825441, AW839660, R82577, CN294948, AW961818, AW967814, H11076, H11164, BE066324, H14352, H14400, BE160735, H22630, H22631, H23225, H23338, BE935320, BE935358, AV730654, AV760753, D55125, BF307229, BF362047, AA836591, AW302188, H71180, H71181, BF987914, BF990834, H98006, BF961491, BF961502, BG250742, BG537773, BG184564, BG189981, BG211130, BG213747, BG459678, N62330, BG827439, BG703049, BI260292, BI460335, BI758707, BM714647, BM797934, BM924469, BM970575, BQ189282, BQ268408, BQ436513, AA039558, AL832345, BU429015, X65293, BU617428, BC029576, AA194068, AA194184, BU739278, T75161, CA424727, CA438927, AA299352, AA323322, AA327796, AA348280, AA382673, AA398294, T84529, T87108, T87109, AA481209, AA481519, T91797, AA621322, AA626142, AA683420, AA743287, AA765357
Hs.624401 BX092324
Hs.713333 R52577, AI627497, Z44151, CK825442, BE502004, BM988701, BQ001082, BQ270348, AA039557, CA449411, R13461
Hs.733277 BE154136, BF760524, BQ358591, AA293870, AA609033
Hs.97432 AA984072, Z40142
NO LONGER IN UNIGENE AW948797, BE063112, BF908271
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