Structure of Neuraminidase Subtype N9 Complexed With 30 MM Sialic Acid (Nana, Neu5ac), Crystal Soaked for 3 Hours at 291 K
MMDB ID: 44846PDB ID: 2C4Ahelp
PDB Deposition Date: 2005/10/17help
Updated in MMDB: 05/2011  help
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X-Ray Diffraction help
Resolution: 2.15  Åhelp
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The crystal structure of influenza type a virus neuraminidase of the n6 subtype at 1.85 Å resolution.
Rudino-Pinera E, Crennell SJ, Webster RG, Laver WG, Garman EF
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Biological Unit: tetrameric; determined by author, and by software (PQS)help
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Proteins and interactions (4 molecules)
Neuraminidase Subtype N9
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  • Calcium Ion
  • NAG
  • Neuraminidase Subtype N9
  • O-sialic Acid
Chemicals and interactions (28 molecules)
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  • Neuraminidase Subtype N9
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  • NAG
  • Neuraminidase Subtype N9
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  • Neuraminidase Subtype N9
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