Solution Structure of the Complex Formed by the Two N-terminal RNA-binding Domains of Nucleolin and a Pre-rrna Target
MMDB ID: 27335PDB ID: 1RKJhelp
PDB Deposition Date: 2003/11/21help
Updated in MMDB: 02/2011  help
Experimental Method:
Solution NMR help
Source Organism:
synthetic constructhelp
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Johansson C, Finger LD, Trantirek L, Mueller TD, Kim S, Laird-Offringa IA, Feigon J
J.Mol.Biol. (2004) 337 p.799
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Molecules and interactionshelp
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Protein and interactions (1 molecule)
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  • 5'-8 R(*gp*gp*ap*up*gp*cp*cp*up*cp*cp*cp*gp*ap*gp*
    up*gp*cp*ap*up9 *cp*c)-3'
Nucleotide and interactions (1 molecule)
5'-8 R(*gp*gp*ap*up*gp*cp*cp*up*cp*cp*cp*gp*ap*gp*
up*gp*cp*ap*up9 *cp*c)-3'
  • Nucleolin
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Citing MMDB
Madej T, Addess KJ, Fong JH, Geer LY, Geer RC, Lanczycki CJ, Liu C, Lu S, Marchler-Bauer A, Panchenko AR, Chen J, Thiessen PA, Wang Y, Zhang D, Bryant SH. "MMDB: 3D structures and macromolecular interactions." Nucleic Acids Res. 2012 Jan; 40(Database issue):D461-4
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