1C2W: 23S rRNA Structure Fitted to a Cryo-electron Microscopic MAP at 7.5 Angstroms Resolution
MMDB ID: 48306help
PDB Deposition Date: 1999/7/28help
Updated in MMDB: 10/2012  help
Experimental Method:
Electron Microscopy help
Resolution: 7.5  Åhelp
Source Organism:
Citation: help
Mueller F, Sommer I, Baranov P, Matadeen R, Stoldt M, Wohnert J, Gorlach M, Van Heel M, Brimacombe R
J.Mol.Biol. (2000) 298 p.35
Biological Unit: monomeric; determined by authorhelp
Molecules and interactionshelp
Label Count Molecule Interactions
Nucleotides and interactions (1 molecule)
23S Ribosomal RNA
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