Mutual Synergistic Folding in the Interaction Between Nuclear Receptor Coactivators CBP and Actr
MMDB ID: 18423PDB ID: 1KBHhelp
PDB Deposition Date: 2001/11/6help
Updated in MMDB: 05/2011  help
Experimental Method:
Solution NMR help
Source Organism:
Mus musculushelp
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Demarest SJ, Martinez-Yamout M, Chung J, Chen H, Xu W, Dyson HJ, Evans RM, Wright PE
Nature (2002) 415 p.549
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Proteins and interactions (2 molecules)
Nuclear Receptor Coactivator
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  • Creb-binding Protein
Creb-binding Protein
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  • Nuclear Receptor Coactivator
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