Crystal Structure of Enoyl-coa Hydrotase From Deinococcus Radiodurans R1
MMDB ID: 109259PDB ID: 4JOThelp
PDB Deposition Date: 2013/3/18help
Updated in MMDB: 04/2013help
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X-Ray Diffraction help
Resolution: 1.94  Åhelp
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Crystal structure of enoyl-coa hydrotase from deinococcus radiodurans r1.
Eswaramoorthy S, Almo SC, Swaminathan S
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Biological Unit: trimeric; determined by author, and by software (PISA)help
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Proteins and interactions (3 molecules)
Enoyl-coa Hydratase, Putative
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  • Enoyl-coa Hydratase, Putative
  • Glycerin
Chemicals and interactions (3 molecules)
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  • Enoyl-coa Hydratase, Putative
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