4IOS: Structure of Phage Tp901-1 RBP (Orf49) in Complex With Nanobody 11
MMDB ID: 108485help
PDB Deposition Date: 2013/1/8help
Updated in MMDB: 08/2013  help
Experimental Method:
X-Ray Diffraction help
Resolution: 2.4  Åhelp
Source Organism:
Lactococcus phage TP901-1help
Similar Structures: help
Citation: help
Desmyter A, Farenc C, Mahony J, Spinelli S, Bebeacua C, Blangy S, Veesler D, Van Sinderen D, Cambillau C
Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.Usa (2013) 110 p.E1371
Biological Unit: hexameric; determined by authorhelp
Molecules and interactionshelp
Label Count Molecule Interactions
Proteins and interactions (6 molecules)
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  • Llama Nanobody 11
Llama Nanobody 11
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Chemical and interactions (1 molecule)
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