Paromomycin Binding Induces a Local Conformational Change in the a Site of 16S rRNA, NMR, 20 Structures
MMDB ID: 47740PDB ID: 1A3Mhelp
PDB Deposition Date: 1998/1/22help
Updated in MMDB: 03/2011  help
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Solution NMR help
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Fourmy D, Yoshizawa S, Puglisi JD
J.Mol.Biol. (1998) 277 p.333
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Label Count Molecule Interactions
Nucleotides and interactions (2 molecules)
16S rRNA (5'-3 R(*gp*gp*cp*gp*up*cp*ap*cp*ap*cp*cp
  • 16S rRNA (5'-9 R(*gp*gp*gp*up*gp*ap*ap*gp*up*cp*gp
16S rRNA (5'-9 R(*gp*gp*gp*up*gp*ap*ap*gp*up*cp*gp
  • 16S rRNA (5'-3 R(*gp*gp*cp*gp*up*cp*ap*cp*ap*cp*cp
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